4-14-20 Tuesday

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Mama Isabella came through her spay surgery just fine. When we got home, I tried to keep her in the bathroom for a few hours so she could have a little time to herself, but she objected loudly. When I put her back in with the kittens, she hissed them away at first – which hurt Javier’s feelings so much that he ran and hid – but as time went on she allowed them to lie near her, and by bedtime she was grooming them. (She will continue producing milk until either she weans them or they’re separated from her.)

“We can’t help it, lady!” (Diego in the front, Carmelita in the back)

Carmelita in the sun.

Breakfast is served! (Isabella gets her own plate of food up on the cabinet where the kittens can’t go. She eats hers and then helps them finish theirs.)

Alejandro’s helping Diego keep clean.

Carmelita’s all “MY toy.”

Alejandro loves that dog fur toy.


Keeping Mama clean.

Alejandro and Javier on Mama’s scratcher.

Diego is just SO determined to keep squeezing through that scratcher. One day I’m going to walk in and he’ll be stuck and I only hope that I have my camera in hand when that happens.


Jake, watching his catnip garden grow.


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4-14-20 Tuesday — 3 Comments

  1. Did you brush or comb the kittens today ? Their fur looks more under control, and not the usual bed head look.