4-12-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

We’re having a lazy Sunday.

“How YOU doin’?” (Alejandro)

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It’s play time for the kittens, and they’re having a blast. They LOVE that track toy.

Something about Alejandro’s casual pause whilst strolling up that scratcher just cracks me up.

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Alejandro gets BOOP’d.

Oh Javier, you little hearthrob. 💛

Good night innernets. (Mama Isabella)

Should Alejandro and Carmelita be taking up space at the milk bar if they’re not going to nurse? Ask them if they care.

It’s a Pablo-Carmelita pie. My favorite!

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Mama’s tail is the BEST toy, according to Carmelita. (That track toy Pablo is playing with in the background is a close second, though.)

Diego has the most serious and most kissable little face.

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Javier’s feeling VERY sassy today. Skittering around, jumping on Carmelita. He’s got energy to spare!


Good night innernets. (Diego & his teddy)

Little slackers (and please admire Pablo’s one white toe. His tail light kind of blends with the rug, but if you look closely you’ll see it!)

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The kittens are on a probiotic a couple of times a day (going from nursing to eating on their own can sometimes upset their little digestive systems, so they get the probiotic just in case). I mix the probiotic with goat milk, which I give them via syringe just so that I know they all get an equal amount. They really like it – I mean REALLY REALLY like it. In this video, I’m giving Carmelita hers, and Alejandro (who already had his) is trying to get in on the action. It’s good stuff, I guess. (Thanks to Teresa, who shot the video.)

Can I offer you a Javier latte? Sweet with just a hint of spicy and is prone to spitting at you just because. It’s the latest craze!

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Javier is the sparkleball CHAMP. (And don’t miss Carmelita’s arch-and-floof about 14 seconds in.)

Diego in the sun. Isn’t he gorgeous?

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Kitten Fight Club. Like Human Fight Club only floofier.

Carmelita can clean her own behind now, and Isabella couldn’t be happier.

Good night innernets. (Alejandro in the front, Pablo in the back.)

Alejandro is the smuggest kitten ever.

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Everyone was sleeping, so Javier was flirting with me. (Please do not miss the spit at the end. That boy cracks me UP.)

Pablo, the little poser. (If you look closely, you can see his tail light.)

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Javier just wants to sleep, but Alejandro wants to PLAY. Or bite. Or kick! He loves his brudder.

Carmelita, lookin’ guilty. And Isabella keeping an eye on her!

Good night innernets. (Yes, all 5 are present and accounted for; that’s Carmelita in the middle with a great big yawn.)

Post-breakfast cleanup. (Javier and Carmelita)

When I put Isabella up there to take her picture last week, she realized that it was a good place to hang out where the kittens couldn’t see her and she could see everything. Then Pablo caught sight of her and whined and whined until I put him up there with her. He was AMAZED.

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POP! go the kittens.

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For Throw Back Thursday, a flash back to 2015. Please admire the 4 day old kittens belonging to Lucy (collectively known as The Fools, because they were born on April 1st and named after comedians). They were not kidding around with the hissing and the spitting, they were like a little nest of snakes. (Disclaimer: very young kittens hiss and spit, it’s perfectly normal, pretty much all my fosters have done it at this age, and they all grew up to be functioning members of society.)

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Continuing with the Throw Back Thursday: Spitting Edition theme (see the earlier video). Here are the kittens we fostered in 2017 along with their mother Nola (kitten not seen: Beignet, who had better things to do.) Orange tabby Andouille was a spitting champion, and his sisters Roux and Praline were pretty darn good at it too. It’s a spit-off!

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Carmelita got up on the cabinet, caught sight of “another kitten” (herself) in the reflection and got her skitter on. That girl is a NUT.

Good night innernets. (Javier & Alejandro)

“Don’t look, teddy. It’s that weird lady, takin’ pictures of us again.” (Diego)

Alejandro got up on the cabinet, and Javier was like “How did you do that?!” and Alejandro said “I don’t know!” (He jumped from the back of the couch to the cabinet and then walked over to the windows.)

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Pablo is having a BLAST with that ball.

Carmelita with attitude.

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Kittens feelin’ skittery (especially Pablo). Goofy little skitterbugs.

Diego and Javier lying in the sun, biting each others’ toes. As you do.

Good night innernets. (From left: Alejandro, Carmelita, Pablo, Javier & Diego.)

Breakfast is served! (From the 9:00 position moving clockwise, we have: Alejandro, Javier, Carmelita, Pablo & Diego. Mama Isabella gets her own plate of food up high – and then helps finish off any leftovers the kittens leave.)

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Alejandro perfects his pounce.

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I have no idea why Carmelita thinks this is the best place to skitterbug back and forth, but she’s cracking me up!

All five kittens looking in my general direction. (That’s Carmelita over on top of the triangle scratcher, Javier on top of the cat tree, Pablo (left) and Alejandro on the middle level, and Diego on the bottom.)

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It’s crazy playtime in the kitten room – and please do not miss Pablo’s spit at about 13 seconds in. That boy could not possibly be more pleased with himself.

Oh dear lord, Pablo’s face is killing me (as is Diego’s photobomb.)

“Well HELLO good-looking!” (Alejandro)

Good night innernets. (Javier, Carmelita & Diego)


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4-12-20 Weekly Roundup — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t even know where to start with these photos! But Diego with his teddy!? Who needs Easter candy?!?!! (Well, I do. Rhetorical question, really…)

    Oh, and who is the little chubster in front of scratcher being scaled by Sir Edmund Alejandro?!

  2. What a wonderful week of content. They’re all so adorable. But if Alejandro keeps kissing his sister like that he’s going to end up on Maury. Also, the caption below the 2nd “good night innernets” says it’s Alejandro and Javier. But unless Javier’s faded from too much sunlight, I think that’s Pablo. 🙂