11-1-22 Tuesday

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Bath time for Mikey.

It’s a Kim Pie (my favorite!)

Mike wants to be up on the desk.

And there he goes.

Gus (joined by Francesca, Mike and Lalo) is all “LADY, it’s time for a NAP!”

Francesca says “I could go for some nappin’.”

Nacho (left) and Saul are going to take their nap on the ham-mick today.

Miss Francesca took another turn in the pumpkin basket and was so VERY pleased with herself she had to tell me all about it.


Jake’s all “Tryin’ to nap here, lady. Didn’t you get the word that it’s nap time?”


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Good morning! Count Gustavo wishes you a Happy Halloween.

Foster kitten Funnel Cake (2020) was just a little punkinhead. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Francesca wishes we’d stored these bat wings in a better place than rolled up and stuffed in a cabinet. How’s she supposed to get a good flap going with these useless things?

Foster kitten Buffalo Bill (2020) said “Howdy, ma’am.” Happy Halloween!

It only makes sense that Saul is dressing up as Saul Goodman for Halloween (if you’ve watched Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, you know Saul Goodman likes those bright ties. Saul the cat has a better head of hair than Saul the human, but what’re you gonna do? I couldn’t find a tiny toupee.) Happy Halloween!

Permanent resident Jake the loonicorn. (From 2013) Happy Halloween!

It’s hard to tell from this picture (I couldn’t get her to turn her head to the side), but Francesca is wearing a dinosaur hat. RAWR. (Really brings out her gorgeous eyes, no?) Happy Halloween!

From 2016, it’s (permanent resident) Little Stefan on the Prairie. Happy Halloween!

It’s SUPER MIKE, here to save the day. Happy Halloween!

Fosters Porthos (left) and d’Artagnan (2020) were so good at posing in costume when they were kittens. I love this picture so very much. Happy Halloween!

Foster Tater Tot (2020) was all “Don’t make me get out my wand, lady.”

Foster Wild Bill Hickok (2020) was not sure what he thought about this getup. Happy Halloween!

From 2010, it’s (permanent resident) Chicken Jake. He’s got those loons on full display. Happy Halloween!

Hi-ho, it’s (permanent resident) Alice de Frog, here to brighten up your day. It ain’t easy being green. Happy Halloween!

Capping off this insane day of cats-in-costumes is one of my very favorites of all time – permanent resident Dennis (who has been gone since 2017; he was the BEST BOY) in the best picture ever. Hope your Halloween is safe and holds lots of the very best candy. ❤️


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