11-25-22 Friday

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Just a reminder that the 2023 Love & Hisses calendars are available! There are 7 different calendars, so hopefully you’ll find one that works for you. See them all here at Zazzle. (I haven’t checked, but I am confident that Zazzle’s got some sort of Black Friday discount going on.)


And lastly but not leastly – while you’re doing your Black Friday shopping – Andrea’s fundraiser to benefit Winnie’s Wish is still going on, and there is some really neat stuff. Go check it out!


Seeing Francesca’s ears of annoyance made me realize that this is the first time I remember seeing them in this group. Did I miss that day, are they still a bit young for that, or is this just a really mellow clowder?

You know, now that you mention it, this is a rather mellow bunch. I don’t see the ears of annoyance very often!


Your post about the Vittles & ringworm reminded me of my first kitten. She had it & I caught it from her. The vet gave her a med (i think only one dose) & it cleared right away. I don’t remember having to do a lot of extra cleaning of the house or anything, but then that was in 1976 so maybe I’ve forgotten! Do they not medicate kittens like that anymore?

There is medication – and in fact the Vittles were on it – but it’s a… I want to say it’s one week on, one week off, one week on medication (it’s been a few years, so I don’t remember exactly.) I do think that the cleaning helps to stop it from spreading – none of our permanent residents showed any signs of ringworm except for Charlie, and he only got one small spot – AND he had direct exposure to ringworm from the kittens, so that could have gone worse than it did, we were lucky.

Okay, I had to go look at my spreadsheet for the Vittles, and it looks like that bunch was a HOT MESS. They had to have a round of antibiotics for upper respiratory gunk, they were on Itrafungol for the ringworm (and I never bathed them – I just spot-treated lesions that popped up), and they also needed a round of medication for possible Giardia. They were not on all this medication at the same time – it was staggered. I got surprisingly good at medicating 15 kittens once to twice a day, though. The trick is a detailed spreadsheet, pay attention to what you’re doing (DO NOT GET DISTRACTED), and go slow.


I have a question that is not post related… Grayson is 12 weeks old now (3 months yay). I found out her birthday is August 17th. She is very very gassy. I don’t know if it’s the food (Hill’s Science for kittens chicken flavored) or if she needs deworming again. She was dewormed at the shelter at some point I’m sure. I was thinking of trying a different food first. Any suggestions?


Have you called your vet? I know not everyone can afford frequent vet visits, but a phone call might give you some insight. There are a lot of potential culprits for gas in cats and kittens. Changing Grayson’s food, especially if you don’t do it *very* gradually, could result in even worse digestive upset. Best of luck however you choose to handle it. And here’s a cyber-clothespin for your nose in the meantime!

I’m with Ricky & Bibi’s mom – probably a vet visit is warranted if you haven’t done that. I’m not sure what food to recommend (we feed Fancy Feast canned and Iams kibble – and like Royal Canin as well), but like she mentioned, a change in food can make it worse.


It’s official! Nacho wins the 2023 Everett Peppers Flying Feline award!

Naturally I have to share an Everett-Peppers-in-Flight picture!

That picture is from early 2012. Can you even BELIEVE it’s been 10 years?


Happy thanksgiving! and when do we find out who is the mysterious calitabby Fred keeps posting on Facebook? 🙂

Three weeks ago. 🙂


Saul’s all “You got turkey?”

And Nacho’s all “We know you gots turkey. Hand it over!”

Francesca knows the turkey will come her way eventually.

Kim’s serious little face just kills me.

Francesca has a post-turkey snooze.


Dewey’s all “Look, innernets! I gots a foot!” (Picture from 2017ish.)


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Throw Back Thursday: Sammy Samarium in the turkey hat last year. 🦃

Throw Back Thursday: Hydrox and the chicken, December 2009. (I am just linking to the post rather than cutting and pasting the whole thing here.)

YouTube link
Throw Back Thursday: From 2020, when we were fostering the Vittles (there were 15 of them), their entire goal was to put their butts on my face.

Good night innernets. (Kim Wexler and Nacho)


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