11-25-16 Friday

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that photo of Charleston and the pillows.. surprised no one else mentioned the land shark aspect of the light on the pillows

I TOTALLY missed that!


Robyn, I’m going to seek your advice on this situation. Our rescue was contacted today by someone who has a 7-year old and a 2-year boy that behaves “like a 2-year old boy”. They have an old dog and a 12-year old cat and want to adopt a pair of young kittens (they didn’t say exactly how old, but probably 8-10 weeks old, is what I’m thinking). My intuition is that a young adult cat is a better option, because the kittens might end up bothering the old dog and the old cat, and because adult cats tend to be better with kids – toddlers can hurt kittens unintentionally, and kittens, being rambunctious as they are, might end up scratching the child (or growing up to be frightened of the child). Do you think my thoughts are right, or would you just let them have a pair of kittens? I have drafted a response, but thought I’d ask you about this in case a similar situation comes up in the future.

I agree with you – people tend to want kittens for their little kids (and it’s sweet to think of them all growing up together, I’ll admit), but it’s a rare toddler who can be gentle enough with kittens. Go with your instincts!


I love Uncle Stefan!!! Love how he just makes himself at home on one of the beds. Does he eat their kitten food too?

GD said: How else do you think he keeps his girlish figure?!

He certainly does eat their food (GD beat me to pointing out his girlish figure!), but in the interest of full disclosure, once they’re big enough to eat food bigger than the Royal Canin Babycat, I put fosters on adult kibble. I’ve done that for about two years now, because I had a vague thought of “Well, when kittens are being raised by their mothers in the wild, they eat what she eats.” Connie did a much better job of explaining this train of thought in this post back in June.

Kittens grow just fine on adult food (as evidenced by Charleston gaining nearly a pound in a week’s time), and I supplement the kibble with canned food – again, adult food. So the food situation upstairs is that in the kitten room are bowls of adult food. But what’s really funny is that there’s a bowl of that EXACT SAME FOOD in the bathroom. I bought a bag to keep in the bathroom because Archie, Stefan and Jake like it so much. But of course when the door to the kitten room is open, that’s the food they want.)


I can now testify to the absolute yummyness of the pear preserves! Even better than the pear preserves my grandmother used to make 🙂 I’m gonna need about 12 more jars…

Thanks for the review, Pam! 🙂

I’ll point you Black Friday shoppers to the Crooked Acres page in case you’re interested. I made some more caramel apple jam last week, found a few jars of honeysuckle jelly, and added a few jars of blackberry jam and blueberry-lime jam to the list. Now I think I’m done with the jam making for the year! (We have about 20 jars of pear preserves left, too.)

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, shipping is expensive and if you’re interested in any recipes instead, let me know. I’m happy to share!

(Also if you’re Black Friday shopping, calendars are over there in the sidebar!)


I thought of you immediately when I read this. Another funny link for your inspiration.

Cats in hats made from their own hair.

That cracks me UP. And y’know… I do have a drawer of cat fur!


I still haven’t bothered to sprinkle the silvervine on this toy – the Deep Sea Bug – and it still doesn’t matter. They play with it like crazy!

“Oh, the sun is DELIGHTFUL.” (Charleston)

Doesn’t Abby have THE most gorgeous eyes?

Charleston says “This is MINE. You get your own.”

Chesnee and the silvervine pillow (which I am going to have to send in her bag of toys, I think. She loves that thing!)

Tiny kitten, tiny basket.


Snuggling with Iva.

Abby’s got places to go, things to do with that toy. I find it best not to ask questions.

A closeup of Iva’s striped whiskers. Aren’t they cool?

“This my tiny basket. You go find another basket.”

“Shall we DANCE?”

Did I mention that that toy is a hit?


Newt, bemused.


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  1. Yay!!! Card time!!! I admit, I pulled a box of Christmas décor out just last night… and there were my cards from years past… they have taken their respective places of honor on the fridge (it ain’t the holidays till your fridge is decorated!), awaiting this year’s rendition. I also admit that receiving it is one of my favorite days of the season!!!! And, I hope not to make you sad but maybe bring a happy smile of remembrance, the Corbie tribute/acknowledgement card has its own special place in my heart and on my fridge – with the rest of his Crooked Acres Christmas Kin. Hoping Thanksgiving was awesome! Let the Holidays begin!

  2. On the question of kittens and kids: a pair is a good idea, but we also suggest “teenage” kittens….6-7 months old. We have several with our rescue and 3 currently here in foster. They are fun and still going without being tiny.

    • I second that! My foster failure Keith is 7 months old, still plenty playful, but socialized AND cuddly.

  3. Robyn, I’d be very interested in the blueberry lime jam recipe. I make jams/jelly with our fruit or stuff we’re gifted with and love the ‘slightly different than standard’ jellies, so that sounds perfect. I made Lemon Rosemary Pear Jam this year which was amazing.