11-17-22 Thursday

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There goes Saul, bein’ amused again.

What feather teaser? (Left to right: Saul, Nacho, Francesca.)

Kim’s all “I am watching you, lady. You got a Churu up there?”

Mike’s melting in the sun.

Nacho’s havin’ a think.

Francesca shows off those beautiful eyes.

It’s Saul’s turn to have a think.

Kim in the pie plate (Kim pie! My favorite!) watching Francesca in the ham-mick with her blue mouse.


Charlie rolled around on the concrete for a few minutes, but then popped up and ran inside where it’s WARM.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

It’s not Toesday anymore, but ask Saul if he cares (he does not.) Just admire those speckled beans.

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It’s been, what, 2 days since I posted a purring-Mike video? He is JUST. SO. HAPPY.

Kim’s all “Psst! Lady! The kids are off playing. How’s about you sneak me a few treats while they’re not paying attention?”

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We subscribe to CatLadyBox; their toys are always awesome. The kittens love this bow tie toy – and I don’t think it’s the catnip they love so much, I think it’s the shape and size of the toy. Someone’s always carrying it around growling at the other kittens. Today it’s Francesca.

Did you ever have an overwhelming urge to see Mike’s tongue? Here you go!

Good night innernets. (In the back, from left to right: Nacho, Francesca and Mike. In the front: Saul.)


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