11-25-19 Monday

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In case you missed it on all the social media places yesterday…

Luc was officially adopted and went home yesterday! He is now a resident of MARYLAND!

Beck (Luc’s new mama) is BFFs with Mary (who adopted Margeaux & Katriane, now Elfie & Neko), and in fact she flew to Louisville with Mary to pick up the girls, and road tripped home with her. She has a 6 month old kitten – Archie – who desperately needs someone to tussle and play with, and I do believe Luc will fill that role admirably. He is now Reggie. (It doesn’t sound like Beck is planning to have an Instagram page for him, but I hear he may show up on Elfie & Neko’s Instagram page occasionally.)

I drove him to Nashville yesterday to meet up with Beck and Mary, who flew from Maryland to Nashville to pick him up. They landed at 11, I got there a little after 1:00 (I initially was going to get there at 11 also, but we figured it’d be kinder to keep Luc confined for as little time as possible, so getting there at 1 gave us time to meet up, do the paperwork, and talk for a bit before they flew home.)(Yes, they flew in at 11 and back out at 4!) Luc was initially “WHAT THE WHAT IS THIS?!” when I put him in the cage in the back of my car (the same cage Neko and Elfie traveled in to Louisville!) and he lodged some formal complaints, but for the most part he just curled up on his bed and snoozed.

When we met up at the airport, we found a quiet out-of-the-way place to do the paperwork and talk and transfer Luc from my carrier to Beck’s, and no sooner had I taken Luc out of the carrier and handed him to Beck than a couple of little boys came storming over to pet him. They did a good job of being gentle with him, but Luc was like “WHY IS THIS?!” about the whole thing, so into his carrier (along with a blanket from home so he’d have something familiar), and then off they went to head home, and off I went to head back home.

(I stopped at Trader Joe’s because I always do when I’m near Nashville because for some reason Huntsville doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s and Nashville has TWO, and I am thinking that is very unfair because I am addicted to This Strawberry Walks Into a Bar bars. However, the Sunday afternoon before Thanksgiving is perhaps not the best time to stop in. In case you were wondering.)

I arrived back home about half an hour before I got the text from Mary that Luc did great on the plane, and I am unsurprised. It might take him a little while to relax in his new home, but I suspect he and Archie will be very good friends before very long.

And now we’re 2 kittens adopted and 4 to go. Who wants to fly into Nashville or drive to Huntsville to pick up a couple, huh? (Email info (at) ffhsv.org if that’s you.)


Here are the last of the Luc/Reggie pictures I took before he left.

The one lifted paw kills me.

Gorgeous boy in the sun.

Fred has that cat tree in his office (for now, anyway), and it took Luc about 30 seconds to notice it and claim it.

I decided we needed one more picture of all three kittens before Luc left. Fleur was without her cone because we took it off so she could take a bath, and she was good about not scratching. As long as she’s where we can keep an eye on her, she can go without it.

Gabrielle, Fleur and Luc. CUTIES.

And again.

Luc from above (I love the shadow.)

Can you even stand how good-looking that boy is?

Another shot of the three. You can get an idea of the size difference between Luc and Fleur.

And the outtake from his “Adopted!!!” picture. That raised paw, have I mentioned? Kills me.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) is on the job!


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11-25-19 Monday — 5 Comments

  1. Aw, yay Reggie! Such great news to wake up to on a Monday! And he even packed his little suitcase with his toys…Smart boy!

    When is Kara not on the job… I hope she gets OT, or at least time off in lieu.

  2. Awww! Good news is the best kind!
    Unbearable cuteness…
    And the only time to visit Trader Joe’s and find it quiet is first thing in the morning, I have found…totally not fair that Huntsville doesn’t have one. Love that place!

    • I check every few months to see if there are any plans to put a Trader Joe’s in this area. There doesn’t seem to be – but there IS a big demand for it. Meanwhile, you can’t turn around without bumping into an Aldi.