6-2-21 Wednesday

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Pinochle says “GOOD MORNINGGGG!”

Rummy was playing while Uncle Charlie watched, and I think she looks like a little frog in this picture.

Slapjack’s all “Hey, Uncle Charlie! Whereya going?”

Uncle Charlie, doing his favorite thing: giving the Love Eyes to the feather teasers.

“Uncle Charlie is really COOL,” Slapjack has realized.

Uno agrees.

Later, Uncle Archie went stomping across the kitten room while Pinochle, Uno and Rummy watched from atop the cat tree.

“Uncle Archie’s kinda scary.”

Uncle Archie growled at Slapjack, who put on his floof suit real quick.

Whist watched Uncle Archie continue across the room. She thinks he’s pretty fabulous.


I know I never mention the permanent residents’ birthdays (mostly because we don’t do anything out of the ordinary for their birthdays because EVERY DAY IN THIS HOUSEHOLD IS BIRTHDAY LEVEL PAMPERING FOR THOSE DANG CATS, AMIRIGHT?), but this particular date stuck in my mind, so let me just say:

Happy 1st birthday, Charlie!

July 2020.

October 2020.

December 2020.

May 2021.

I can’t believe he’s only a year old. I seriously feel like he’s been with us forever.


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