6-8-21 Tuesday

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Ordinarily, with one litter all adopted out, we’d either already have a new litter/pregnant cat in the house, or be about to get one or the other. However, I did mention yesterday that we are taking a break, and that is because…

We’re moving! We’re not moving for a few weeks yet (about a month, actually), but I have an entire house to pack, so that’s going to be taking up most of my time for the foreseeable future.

To answer questions you may have:

Yes, we just moved here 3 1/2 years ago. This is a wonderful house in a wonderful neighborhood, but we went from a house on 4 1/2 acres in the country to a house on much less than that in the city, and – whattaya know? – we went too far in the other direction. We need more outside space, and with the new house we’ll have it (about an acre of land.) The new house is located just about 4 1/2 miles from Crooked Acres (for newer readers, Crooked Acres is the house we lived in for a decade before we moved here. It’s not in Huntsville, but it’s in the Huntsville metro area.) The real estate market here in Huntsville has gone pretty nuts in the last year (Huntsville is about to be the biggest city in Alabama – DON’T ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME – and our realtor assures us that our house will sell very quickly; we’ll put it on the market once we’ve moved into the new house.)

Yes, we will continue fostering once we’re settled into the new house. (The new foster room – and my heart goes pitty-pat when I tell you this – has A SINK in it. A SINK. I cannot TELL you how excited I am about this!)

Yes, we are taking all of the permanent residents with us. (This was a big question when we moved here from Crooked Acres. Like we’d ever leave a cat behind!)

The new house has a nice backyard with lots of sun, grass, and trees. It’s already fenced, and the cat fence will be moving with us. It also already has a screened back porch! The cats will be fine – except for Charlie, they’ve all been through a move in the past. Hopefully they’ll adjust quickly.

We had decided earlier this year that we’d start looking at moving in 2022… and then, as is our way, we started looking immediately. We looked at some absolutely wrecked houses (one we immediately dubbed “The Nightmare House”). We made an offer on a house in a great location, but that was going to need a ton of work. Someone else made a higher offer – in cash, no less – and when that deal fell through and the house went back on the market we made another offer… and came in third that time, so that clearly wasn’t the house for us. When we saw the house we’re buying, I knew immediately it was the house for us, and as it turned out, it is!

So, there you go. We are foster-free until about mid-July, but my #1 goal once we get moved is to get the foster room set up and ready for new fosters as quickly as possible. Fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly!

I know this is kind of scattered, but I am pretty scattered right now – feel free to ask questions, I’ll post/answer them all in Friday’s entry, how about that?


“Will there be chipmunks at the new house?” Charlie wonders.

“I like chipmunks!”


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