8-26-20 Wednesday

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Just in case you think all my lined-up kitten photos go as planned, I am here to tell you that no matter how hard I try sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. The other day I lined up 8 boxes on the couch, put a kitten in each box, and…

I bet you’re shocked they didn’t stay in the boxes. Porthos had a pressing engagement in NOPEsville, so he ran for his bus.

I mean, cute? Yes. But not what I was going for.

But seriously, how cute are they?

I did get Porthos up there (by grabbing him and putting him up there), but then he gave me the paw.

All 8 kittens – not in boxes, but whatcha gonna do? I love the way Porthos is sniffing Planchet’s ear and d’Artagnan is sniffing Aramis’s ear. Left to right: Winter, Athos, Porthos, Planchet, Aramis, d’Artagnan, Rochefort and Constance.

(I realize that blanket is a little distracting and loud for the background of a picture such as this, but whatcha gonna do? Picture’s taken, we’re gonna have to live with it.)

I introduced the kittens to this toy – it’s the PetSafe Automatic Cheese – and they found it fascinating. They’re the first litter in ages to keep finding it interesting instead of losing interest after the first couple of times.

Rochefort has a sleepy.

Constance is all “HALLO!”

“Grrr! I KILL YOU!” She’s a fierce little thing, that Constance. Porthos doesn’t seem too worried, though.

Porthos playing dead.


Archie gets some outside time.


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