8-6-20 Thursday

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D’Artagnan’s keeping an eye on me.

Porthos is keeping one paw on the llama basket like he thinks that makes it his.

Constance is all “Pardon me Madame, I don’t believe I care for your tone.”

Constance has claimed the llama basket as her own, and Winter’s thinking of attempting a takeover.

Aramis sees me.

“I still sees you, lady.”

Everyone but Planchet, present and accounted for. I swear he and Winter have a pact where one of them will forever be on the other side of the room, ruining my dream of getting a picture of all 8 kittens.

“Was busy doing nothing, lady.”

Rochefort sure does have a big ol’ round head.

Porthos isn’t sure he wants to be in the latte mug.

Little posers d’Artagnan and Winter.

See above regarding the pact between Winter and Planchet. RUINERS.

Athos in the basket o’ toys, looking oh so innocent.


King Jake on his throne.


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