8-28-20 Friday

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Hello all! I have a question for the L&H hive mind. I currently have a black light I use to find any cat pee. However, it uses batteries quickly, and when it’s low on batteries it doesn’t seem to illuminate the pee very well. So, question – does anyone have a recommendation for a good blacklight? Thanks!

If anyone has a suggestion, we’re all ears!


OK. I need to know if there is any coffee to go along with those fried egg and sausage link toys they have.

I do not have a coffee cat toy at this moment, unfortunately, though I have a lot of food-themed cat toys. I am suddenly reminded of this picture from last June.

Trying to get Esmee to eat (oh, how funny I thought I was. Esmee did not agree.)


As for this: “…they had a name in need of a kitten”. This is just the best use of words I’ve seen in a long time. LOVE IT.

Thank you! I was pretty pleased with that myself. (The story, really quickly: Brittany knew she wanted to name Alexandra’s kittens after the Three Musketeers, since there were three of them and they were boys. BUT Michelle really liked d’Artagnan (the name), so they named them Athos, Porthos and d’Artagnan, and Brittany told me that she had her eye out for another boy kitten who could join the three and take the name Aramis. So it worked out perfectly!)


Does Aramis have one tabby toe (hind foot)?

He does! I shall try to get a good closeup picture of his foot so y’all can admire it properly.


Is this one of the rowdiest bunch of kittens you’ve had, or had in a while? I haven’t been following this site for long but I can’t remember such an active gang. Love the activity, pics and vids! Always something brewing at Shady Acres-East, or is that Crooked Acres-East? Ah, well, you know what I mean!

They’re comparatively about as rowdy as kittens that age usually are. There are just more than we’ve had in the room recently, so when they start playing it seems a lot wilder. That, or maybe I’m just getting better at capturing their shenanigans on video!


Aramis and Planchet have a snuggle.

I moved that basket from a higher shelf because I needed a space to put a blanket, and it took Winter perhaps 30 seconds to notice it and go climb in.

“It’s a little crowded in here, but I don’t mind,” she announced.

Later, Athos gave it a try and Porthos waited his turn.

LOOK at that pretty girl, would you?

Constance goes for the hug.

Yawning gives Planchet the Crazy Eyes.

Bed full o’ cute.

“HI, Unca Archie.”
“Hey, kid.”

Planchet has such the serious little face.

“Watching you, lady.”

Constance is such a little poser.

PS: We have an adoption pending on Planchet! They came to meet him yesterday, filled out the application, and since they’re previous Forgotten Felines of Huntsville adopters (they adopted a kitten last year from another FF foster mom), I expect Planchet will be headed home soon enough. He’ll be joining a family that includes an older cat and a 1 year old kitten who needs a playmate. I think it sounds perfect for him!


Dewey thinks I have got SOME NERVE.


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