8-20-20 Thursday

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Athos checks to see if Constance has any breakfast left on her face. (She did, just a little.)

Such a little FLIRT, that Porthos.

Rochefort’s spotted belly delights me.

Covered in kittens. (Porthos, d’Artagnan, Aramis and Planchet)

Athos and Constance find the Fancy Sofa to their liking.

As do Planchet and Aramis.

Rochefort in the Fruitasan. (Every time I think they’ve stopped using this and that I should put it away, someone climbs in and takes a nap.)

“So… many… STARS.” (D’Artagnan)

Winter’s taking a short break. (She cracks me up, she always looks so AMUSED.)

Planchet just loves that bed. He climbs in and kneads and kneads before he settles in for a nap.


Dewey checks out the monkey grass.


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