8-7-20 Friday

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Do you weigh them every day? What growing landmarks do you recognize: weight? Ability to play & mix in with the rest? What do you monitor? They look like they are thriving!

I weigh them every day when I first get them or if I worry that they’re not gaining as they should. Once they have been consistently gaining weight every day for a couple of weeks, I weigh them less often (right now it’s every 2 or 3 days.) I mostly keep an eye on how they’re acting, if they’re playing, if they’re eating. If a kitten doesn’t run for the food plate when I bring it in first thing in the morning BUT they’re playing as usual then I don’t worry. If they don’t eat and also seem quiet or sleepy or something else is going on, they get their name written down on my daily watch list. (Wednesday’s watch list: Constance with goopy eyes and Aramis with one squinty eye. A round of ointment in their eyes fixed them and they were fine yesterday morning. There were no names on yesterday’s watch list, which is true more often than not lately.) I also note what’s going on in the litter box (13 year old Robyn would NOT HAVE BELIEVED the amount of time 52 year old Robyn spends looking at and discussing poop) and if things aren’t as they should be, I keep an eye on it (and the kittens.) This group is very healthy, though they’re all smaller than kittens this age generally are and aren’t gaining quite as fast as I’m accustomed to – but it’s entirely possible that they’re just small. None of them are bony, their spines aren’t prominent, and they all eat and drink very well and have a ton of energy. They may suddenly go through growth spurts or they may just take their time to gain weight, we’ll wait and see.


What is the Rescue spray you use? I’m familiar with Rescue Remedy but don’t think of it as a cleaning solution. Thanks.

This stuff – Amazon link for reference though it’s out of stock at Amazon – it looks like it’s available at Revival. I buy the gallon of concentrate, and it lasts a good long time (last time I bought it was 2 years ago and the container is about half full still.)


Princess Constance.

Lookin’ kinda guilty there, Porthos.

Athos the space cadet.


Sleepy Rochefort.

I guess this is one way to get all 8 in one picture. Winter at the water bowl, almost everyone else at the plate, and Rochefort trying to decide whether the plate or the bowl of kibble looks better.

Planchet and Aramis have a snuggle.

Did I mention that this is Winter’s favorite place to snooze?

I’ve been calling this “The Mouse Cave,” but as it turns out that’s a fish dangling from the mouth of the cave, not a mouse. Sometimes I am less than observant. Athos is all “And you called ME a space cadet, lady.”

D’Artagnan can’t get over how CUTE he is. That makes two of us!

If I have one complaint about the foster room it’s that the washer and dryer are right there in the room (behind folding doors.) It’s convenient when kittens are tiny and I have 7 million loads of laundry every day, but when they get older and are big enough to leap into the dryer, it’s a pain. Every load of laundry goes like: open the folding doors, unload the dryer, put wet laundry in dryer, count kittens. Put load of laundry in the washer, close the top, count kittens. Close the folding doors, count kittens. Count kittens one more time, just to be safe. Haven’t washed or dried a kitten yet (at least not in the washer and dryer), so it’s working!


Sunny yoga with Alice Mo.

YouTube link


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