8-6-19 Tuesday

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Update on Esmee (now Pippa) and Amelie (now Kate) – they’re doing well! They’ve been introduced to two of the adult kitties in the house and there’s no hostility, though everyone’s keeping their distance. They’re curious about the dogs (there’s a baby gate up, and they’ve been sniffing each other through it.) I’ve told Emily that I’ll expect a picture of the kittens sleeping curled up with the dogs (who are very accustomed to sleeping with cats, especially in the winter).


Despite the face she’s giving me, rest assured that Margeaux is very happy to be back in the big foster room.

Henri’s sweet little profile.

“Mama, Mama, Mama, we is hungry!”

That face.

Margeaux and Katriane eat, while Luc is all “Ewww, that’s gross! How can you eat that?! That’s not the milk bar!”

When Margeaux moved the kittens the other night, she decided that under this little cat tree was the perfect place. So when I got down to peek in on the kittens, Henri was all “Hey! Look, guys! It’s the weird lady!”

That looks comfy.

Katriane keeping an eye on the babies.


I do believe Luc is the silent observer of this litter.


Tsk tsk tsk Sheriff Mama. What are we going to do with you, you little ‘niphead?


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8-6-19 Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. Undercover sting operation! ooohh, Loony Jake is the informant and Archie’s the enforcer. Okay, maybe I watch too many crime procedurals.

  2. It’s so interesting the Margeaux is still moving the kittens around! I wonder what’s going on in her little brain???

  3. Does Luc have extra toes on his front foot? He’s lookin’ a little polydactyl in a couple of those pics.

    Kara, no one is above the law, but you’re so adorable maybe we could make an exception for you.

  4. Possibly for Friday’s post:

    TL;DR Anybody need a black and white neutered three month old kitten with all his shots? Will deliver to North and East Texas.

    The world keeps turning. I was on my way back from the hospital after Dad passed and I was in the drive-through lane at the intersection of two highways, and there was a small kitten, sprawled and mewing, in the drive through-lane. He was terrified, couldn’t stand and had cuts and abrasions all over.

    I got out of the car (in the drive through lane, I know, very bad, because car in front of me and car behind me), and since I was bringing Dad’s stuff back, threw one of Dad’s shirts around the kitten, picked him up and put him in the car in one of those unending supply of plastic buckets you get at the hospital. Kitten immediately quieted down (box, duh) and I drove straight to the emergency vet which was to close in 20 minutes.

    The male kitten is about three months old; the vet thinks the injuries are from a car fan so it was likely he was under a hood. His left fibula is broken but it may be just a green stick break which can be splinted. The cuts are mostly small except the fan almost neutered the poor soul(hanging on by a thread, said the vet). They are going to finish the job, patch him up and fix his leg. He is doing very well now and needs a fur-ever home.


    Anybody need a kitten?