8-5-19 Monday

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In case you missed it on Instagram/Facebook or in yesterday’s weekly roundup post, all 6 of the big kittens have gone home. They were all adopted in pairs (Antoine & Madeline, Francois & Jacques, and Amelie & Esmee.) The first two pairs went home Friday evening, and Esmee and Amelie went home Saturday morning! Esmee is now Pippa, Amelie is now Kate, and Francois is now Charley.

I have some pictures of Jacques and Charley (Francois) to share!

At first they hid…

But then Alisha lured them out to play on that awesome cat tree!

They have a big sister named Frankie, who looks a lot like Margeaux and Katriane.

Sweet boys.

“Are you my mother?”

Big sister Frankie (she’s 3) hasn’t played with the boys yet, but she’s keeping a close eye on them. I suspect it won’t be long before she can’t resist playing with them.

(Thanks for letting me share, Alisha!)


Here are the last of my pictures of the big kittens before they went home. I’m going to miss having them here with us, but I am tickled pink that they’ve gone home in pairs. If it feels like they came and left a lot faster than Charles and Caroline and their kittens did, it’s because they did. Charles and Caroline’s kittens were born here – whereas these guys were 3-4 weeks old when we got them – and then I think Charles and Caroline’s kittens were closer to 4 months old by the time they were able to be spayed/neutered due to scheduling difficulties. These kittens are just now turning 13 weeks (tomorrow) or technically 3 months (Wednesday).

Francois and Amelie have a snuggle.

I feel like Antoine and Amelie were talking about me.

Serious little Madeline.

Cuties for sure! (Amelie, Esmee and Francois.)

Katriane’s all “This one has no sense of boundaries.”

Jacques with attitude.

Francois gave me a cleaning before he went home.

Sleepy Esmee.

This picture of Amelie reminds me a picture from almost exactly two months ago…

Remember the tiny runt with a great big belly who was such a hot mess? Oh, that girl.

So with the big kittens gone and Katriane all alone in the big foster room, I moved Margeaux and her kittens back into the big foster room.

Left to right: Beauregard, Fleur, Luc, Henri (“WHAT IS GOING ON?!”), Gabrielle outside the box, and in the back corner of the box, Josephine curled up asleep.

Yep, time to escape the box.

Three in the box, three outside the box. Under the desk is the perfect spot for them, I think.

Which means that Margeaux immediately moved them, of course. With them being older and toddling around and able to toddle over to Margeaux when they want – AND with no big kittens around to run them over and bunny-kick them and be rough with them (though I think they could probably handle it a lot better at nearly 4 weeks old then they could at less than 2 weeks old), I’m not really too concerned. Especially since if they cry Katriane will run over to soothe them.

(I’m going to state right here and now that Margeaux DOES NOT DESERVE all the helpful things Katriane does to assist her. Katriane doesn’t let the babies nurse but she cleans them, she soothes them, she regularly cleans Margeaux’s ears, and she waits for Margeaux to finish eating before she eats. By all rights she should be snoozing up high and ignoring Margeaux and her brood, but she’s just not built that way. She is TOO SWEET and apparently doesn’t hold a grudge.)


Newt, on the other hand, TOTALLY holds a grudge. But he’s sweeter than he looks and will happily accept your love and petting, especially if there’s some chicken at the end of that petting.


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  1. There is so much goodness in this post! So very happy to read that Big Chatons have gone to their homes (in pairs!). That is one EPIC cat tree…

    As for the Little Chatons, they are just too cute. I love this age…

  2. Just can’t thank you enough for sharing these kittens! A joy everyday…