8-4-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

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Still Da BAYbee, in case you were wondering.

Oh, that Antoine.

Luc has spoken his piece and counted to three.

Good night, innernets.

“Go away, lady.”

Esmee was hugging this kicker when I picked her up for a snuggle, and just kept hugging it while I held her. She’s such a silly girl.

Jacques has the makings of a top tier laundry assistant; bunny-kicking dirty laundry tenderizes the stains, and they simply dissolve in the wash. Well done, Jacques!

Good night innernets. (They’re back together in one box! Who knows what we’ll find tomorrow morning.)

Antoine, Madeline and Amelie have discovered the Croc bed and like it!

Good night innernets. (Luc)

Margeaux’s kittens are 3 weeks old today, so I’m posting a picture of each of them so y’all can see how I tell them apart. Here’s Josephine! (Blue ear, skeptical face, excellent biscuit maker.)

Here’s Fleur! (Yellow ear, constantly disappointed in you, boopable belly.)

Here’s Gabrielle! (Mostly the black line on her nose tells me who she is.)

Here’s Beauregard! (Pink ear, constant goggle-eyed amazement.)

Here’s Luc! (Grumpy face, excellent biscuit-making skills.)

Here’s Henri! (Kissable mouth, always keeping an eye out.)

Line ’em up! (Francois’s face is killing me.) Left to right: Jacques, Madeline, Esmee, Amelie, Francois, Antoine.

I looked all over the room for Jacques and Amelie and was starting to worry that they’d somehow found a way out before I spotted them here watching me.

Good night innernets. (Jacques and Antoine)

“Lady, why you so weird?” (Esmee)

I’m pretty sure there was a chipmunk running across the driveway. (Esmee and Amelie)

“Don’t look, Ethel!” (Francois)

Good night, innernets. (Jacques)

Amelie isn’t inclined to get up and get going, thank you.

Oh, those stripes. Gabrielle is keeping an eye on me.

Hurray, hurray, Antoine and Madeline were adopted (together) today!!!!

Hurray, hurray, Francois and Jacques were adopted (together) and went home today! ❤️

Good night, innernets. (Fleur)

Hurray, hurray, Amelie and Esmee were adopted (together) and went home today! Esmee is now Pippa, Amelie is now Kate. How cute is that?! Happy life, sweet girls! ❤️

With all 6 of the big kittens adopted and gone home, I moved Margeaux and the little kittens back into the foster room. First thing Katriane did was go hang out with the kittens. Awww. (Katriane is available for adoption, but will hang out here to keep Margeaux company and provide the babies with some Auntie love.)

Fred dropped a piece of chicken on the floor 10 minutes ago and left it there for Alice or Newt to eat. They’ve been sitting like this ever since, each waiting for the other to give up and walk away. (Just as I was about to post this, Newt walked away and Alice ate it. That’s not what I expected at ALL.)

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A week of Margeaux’s kittens.

Good night, innernets. (Henri, Beauregard, Henri.)


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8-4-19 Weekly Roundup — 4 Comments

  1. What great news to wake up to this morning! All six of the older babies adopted, and in pairs.

  2. In that group pic of Les Chatons, how did you ever get Francois’s mouth in that position? It almost looks like the fake mouth you see on those animated animals speaking English in the movies. Weird and wonderful all at once. Did you have your camera on rapid fire or was it kizmet? Love that boy and will be missing his Da Baybee cries.

    • It was just luck – though I tend to hit the button pretty quickly when I’m taking pictures, so I got several of him with his mouth in chattering position (he was chattering at the feather teaser); this just happened to be the best one.