8-2-19 Friday

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Is Antoine a snowshoe? Awwww.

It appears so, though I honestly only really noticed his white feet for the first time a few days ago.


At what age will the kittens purr when you are holding them? I know that even little ones purr when they are nursing (sounded more like a rattle than a purr).

That’s a good question, and one I don’t have an answer to. In my experience, kittens who have their mother present purr for me much much later than orphans do. I would say it’s only been in the past couple of weeks that the bigger kittens have started purring when I hold or pet them – so maybe 10 weeks or so? (Your mileage may vary, of course.)


Is Katriane available for adoption with her babies? I’ve seen posts about the kittens, but don’t recall seeing hers and then you mentioned she’d be staying when the kittens go? Maybe I just missed her adoption post? I hope she finds a nice forever home too!

She’s available for adoption now (there’s been at least one post on FB), but since she and Margeaux get along, there’s no reason she can’t stay here with Margeaux and her kittens for now. I need to start posting more about her in hopes of finding her a home! (I’d much rather she find a home straight from here and not have to spend any time at Petsmart, of course.)


What brand or type of nail polish do you use and how often do you have to reapply it? We are trying to find a good way to tell our kittens at the center apart and the nail polish we bought doesn’t stay on very well and is too dark. Would love to know what is working so well for you!

I don’t buy a certain brand, I mostly buy whatever color is the brightest (though as the picture shows, apparently I bought 4 Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, 3 Sinful Colors Professional, and 1 Wet n Wild). Usually it’s the cheap stuff. I reapply when I see that the color is mostly gone, maybe once or twice a week.


Ok, I am sleep deprived because I did adopt two kittens from our Lexington Humane Society, KY. I was apparently interviewed by Forgotten Felines on line and denied Jacques and his brother (humph). My question is where I adopted a 9 week old kitty and 12 week old kitty. They look like brothers in size but I keep telling my hubs that the younger one is not as far “advanced ” he just needs more patience. Am I correct? Any advice appreciated and they both are in harnesses and have no problem with that. Thank you Robyn for understanding my request for young kitten harness training.

I’m not sure I understand the question – are you asking if it’s normal for a younger kitten to lag behind the older one in harness training? I think it is – and different kittens grow differently, so he just may need more time to get the hang of it ’cause that’s how he is.


How does Margeaux potty the kittens?

She stimulates them to urinate and defecate by licking their back ends, and then ingests the result. (Sounds gross, but doesn’t seem to phase mother cats at all.)


Jacques from above.

And Esmee from above.

Antoine in the sun.

I think Amelie is watching one of the permanent residents stomp around in the back yard.

(Note, if you’re a newer reader: our permanent residents are allowed out in the back yard during daylight hours. We have cat fencing, so they’re limited to the back yard. We bring them in at dusk, and they generally spend most of their nighttime hours hanging out on our screened porch.)

Blue is Esmee’s color.

Madeline’s too.

Their faces are cracking me up. Francois is all “My sister makes a comfy bed” and Madeline’s all “He’s heavy AND he’s my brother.”

I weighed the big kittens yesterday for the first time in a week, and no WONDER I’m going through so much canned cat food right now. Amelie – tiny little Amelie, who took 3 weeks to gain 2 ounces when I first got them? – has gained half a pound in the past week, and most of them have gained 5-7 ounces. Even Madeline, who I was afraid wouldn’t weigh enough for her spay surgery last Friday, put on 6 ounces and weighs 2 1/2 pounds. They’re hitting their long and lanky stage all of a sudden!


Henri’s all “What’s going ON? Why am I banana? What have you done to me, lady?!”

“Why is Henri a banana? What’s going on? Are we all going to be bananas now?!” (Beauregard)

“What’s a banana?” (Josephine)

Luc says, “I do not wish to be a banana.”

“Why you turnin’ my babies into bananas, lady?”


I love how it looks like Jake (in the pot of catnip) is being guarded by his security detail, Khal and Frankie.

“Sir, I’m going to need you to step back and wait your turn.”


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  1. Jake has a security detail, lol.

    I love how in Josephine’s picture there’s a little Chatons in the back staring, absolutely fascinated, at the blanket.

  2. Okay, today’s post had me dying twice, lol. First the banana stuff and then the security stuff. I love where your brain goes with your pictures!

  3. Two laugh-out-loud Love & Hisses classics in one post! – The Banana Chronicles and Jake’s Securikitty!

  4. Interesting comment about Antoine looking Snowshoe. Picabo and Ohno turned out to look a lot like Snowshoes now that they are grown up. I know Picabo is Harley now, but I forgot Ohno’s new name. But I did check up on them a couple of weeks ago. They both looked a lot like Jacques when they were kittens.