8-6-18 Monday

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Have I mentioned that those kittens adore that bed? True story!

Post-bath Arundel keeping warm in the heated crate.

“GIMME that camera, I gots to take a selfie!”

Millie isn’t putting up with your nonsense.

I just love that black line going toward Arundel’s nose. It’s like the artist was coloring in around her eye with a black marker, and was startled and his hand slipped.

Millie’s all “Paws up, y’all!” and Buxton’s all “I taught her that move!”

From a paws-up position, it’s easy to grab your brother’s head and bunny kick it.

Dexter is just the sweetest little muffin (I think I’ve said that about all these kittens at one point or another.)

Buxton looks like a concerned television spokesperson here. Have you CONSIDERED all your life insurance options?

The JOY on that little face as he prepares to bite Moop’s foot is cracking me UP.

I put a very soft and comfy bath mat up there as a bed for the kittens and covered it with another bed. Calais wanted me to know that the second bed was not necessary.

Kenneth Borkleton Moopenheimer needs a kiss.

I just love Calais’s markings.

I woke up yesterday morning realllly not wanting to do kitten baths (I’d done Moop, Millie and Calais Saturday morning), and ended up doing six of them so that I don’t have to do any baths this morning. From here on out I’ll split the kittens into two groups and do baths in two days rather than three, especially since I can get 5 kittens wet, lathered and in the carrier (to wait for 10 minutes before rinsing) in about 10 minutes – so by the time I’ve finished wetting and lathering kitten #5, kitten #1 is ready to be rinsed. I wouldn’t say I’m a pro at this, but I’m getting pretty good. I’m getting tired of the baths and so are the kittens, though they’re putting up with it far better than you’d expect.

Hopefully we’re nearing the end of the tunnel with this stuff. The fur is growing back in all of the ringworm lesions (not as fast as I’d like, but I notice that I don’t really get a vote in this matter) and I’m scrubbing down the foster room 2 – 3 times a week (in addition to the baths) in hopes of eradicating that darn fungus. I’m so glad I had most of a gallon container of concentrated Rescue on hand before this all happened. I’m only now getting to the bottom of the bottle, and I use that stuff constantly – cleaning carriers, cleaning the bathroom after baths, cleaning the room, cleaning toys, mopping.


Pretty Sheriff Mama, keeping an eye on things.

Did you know that Kara is our smallest cat? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before. At just over 7 pounds, she’s tiny; she’s all muscle. She tends to get a bit heavier in the winter (puts on 6 or 7 ounces) and then drops it when spring comes. (Frankie, who is our second-lightest cat, outweighs her by 2 pounds – and Newt is twice her weight!)


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8-6-18 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Does the “beep beep” car bed clean easily? (Sorry, I always make beep beep sounds in my head when I see it!). It’s so cute I’d hate to see it get messed up, though, hello, kittens! 🙂 But I know you must be washing it with everything else.

  2. “Kenneth Borkleton Moopenheimer needs a kiss.”
    Well, now I have my lip-prints all over my laptop screen, to no avail.
    Robyn, would you be so kind and kiss Mr. K. B. Moopheimer for me?

  3. You have done an amazing job with the schmingschmerm battle! If the fur is growing back I think the fungus is no longer among-us. (I crack myself up…) And you have now raised kittens who won’t utterly freak out and claw everything in sight if they someday need a baff for some reason.

    • May the schmingschwerm struggle be almost at an end! And in the interim, Kenneth Borkleton Moopenheimer for president!

  4. Good news! Lenny’s ringworm test is negative at 10 days! We have to wait until Friday for final results. They gave me some sulfuric medicine to dip him in, but I didn’t use it. After 2 days on antibiotics, his fur started to grow back and he didn’t have any more spots. I decided to risk it and wait. I didn’t want to traumatize the poor guy. He’s 11 weeks now and so crazy.

    I’m glad to hear that you fosters are doing well!

  5. I hope you can get through this soon! My Blair got re-tested for ringworm last week and it’s tentatively looking negative. She’s going to be tested a second time on August 10 and once that’s negative, we’ll know that she’s clear.