6-28-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

“LADY, we is TRYIN’ TO SLEEP.” Sorry, Bugs. As you were!

Clyde is all “I sees you, lady.”

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Bunny is determined to keep Bugs clean.

Honey has a grumpy (not really – she always looks so grumpy, but she’s really the sweetest little floofmuffin.)

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Yep, I sure do spend a lot of time sitting around watching these goobers play… and sleep. 😍

Peekaboo, Cutey.

Good night innernets! (Everyone!)

Okay, so maybe buying an air purifier with all the buttons on top wasn’t the smartest idea… (Though we’ve had that for a year and a half and smartypants Lola is the first one who’s ever jumped up there!)

The Fluffles kittens are 10 weeks old (as of Saturday), are going for their spay/neuter surgeries on July 1st – and that means that Forgotten Felines of Huntsville is NOW taking applications for Mama Bunny, Clyde, Lola, Bugs and Cutey! Please email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org if you’re interested in adopting. ⁠(Benjamin and Honey are adoption pending – together!)

In case you missed it earlier, we have an adoption pending on Honey and Benjamin (yes, together!), and they’ll be going home sometime after their spay/neuter surgeries next week! Their people have been waiting very patiently since March, and we appreciate their patience. ❤️

Look, it’s Los Mewchachos boys Fizzgig (who was Alejandro as our foster) and Taco (formerly Javier). Upper left is what they looked like at the beginning of April – and the other three pics is what they look like these days.⁠ Sara said: Everytime I get up this lump of brotherly love steals my spot! They’re lucky they’re too cute to be mad at.⁠ That’s the look she gets, in the lower right picture, when she asks if she can sit with them. Fizzgig is like “No, SORRY. No room for you!”

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Lola and Clyde are havin’ a tussle.

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Clyde’s workin’ on his fighting skills…And then Bugs inadvertently puts himself in the line of fire. Oops!

Good night innernets. (Clyde)

Honey’s having a post-breakfast ::thlurrrp::

Benjamin is very proud of his teef, which is fitting since it’s Toofsday.

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Benjamin’s looking for a fight. And so is Honey. And so is Bugs! They’re a tussling bunch.

Get a look at gorgeous former foster Phoenix – she was one of Mercury’s kittens, born in August 2017. Debra said: Phoenix wants to say hi…. before she goes to sleep.⁠ I seriously adore that little tabby patch over Phoenix’s eye. SO CUTE.

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Bugs does the ol’ floof and skitter. He’s SO skeery (at least in his own mind.)⁠

The cat tree in bloom – we have a Honey, Lola, Benjamin (behind Lola) and a Clyde, all needing to be picked. (Well. I guess Honey and Benjamin HAVE been picked since they’re adoption pending!)

Good night innernets. (Bugs, looking very bug-like with those two whiskers looking like antennae.)

Every day I ask him, I say “Benjamin Bunny. WHY are you SO CUTE?” Usually he just ignores me, but this time he blessed me with a tiny blep.

Lola looks like she’s at the prow of a ship, sailing it to shore. All hail Cap’n Lola.

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Bugs gets a bath, whether he wants one or not!

Bugs has tried the Churu and has declared it good.

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Kitten playtime!

Honey shows off her floofy Ears of Annoyance.

Good night innernets. (Benjamin and Cutey – and Lola behind them.)

Bugs is sleeping in, thank you very much.

We are inching ever closer to Bunny taking off that collar for good! Her wound is looking SO GOOD right now, but there’s still a small scab on it; I don’t QUITE trust her not to scratch it, but am hoping that by the weekend (or maybe by the end of the weekend) we can take it off for good. Fingers crossed!

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Benjamin (and Bugs!) in the mouse cave. Bein’ cute. Like they do.

It’s Thlurrrpsday, but y’know – sometimes you’re just SO tired you don’t have the energy to thlurrrp your tongue back into your mouth! ⁠

That’s Taco (formerly Javier), and Sara said: So the other day this little house panther about gave me a heart attack when I saw him like this…but as I was running over he woke up and went back to cleaning himself…..but then fell asleep with his tongue out again……it was his whole tongue! 😂😼🤦

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We’re having a bouncy day!

Pretty Miss Lola.

Good night innernets. (Honey)

Fridays make Clyde smile.

“Just hanging out in my chair, lady. No reason to get excited and run over to take my picture.” (Cutey)

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Clyde’s feelin’ feisty.

Bunny’s fabulous and she knows it, thank you.

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Because of course.

“I do not wish to sit up straight and pose with these blocks that spell my name. I prefer to sniff this block. You unnerstand, lady?” (Honey)

Oh, Lola. Why you gotta be so CUTE?

Good night innernets. (Bugs and his blep.)

Well, that’s one way to eat your breakfast, Clyde.

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Clyde’s keeping Bunny clean. And Benjamin is bein’ cute.

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Kitten play time!

Benjamin says “Heyyyyy.”

I love the look Cutey is giving Bugs, all “What’s YOUR problem?”

Bugs and Lola are considering a nap. (I got that afghan from someone on Etsy several years ago.)

Good night innernets! (Honey)


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6-28-20 Weekly Roundup — 8 Comments

  1. The past posts are rich in content this time of the year. Just got through reading 2013, where we learned more about “feral” Stefan (gosh I know everyone misses that so not feral dude!) and we’re just getting to know the Starks.

    There was a great discussion about buff colored kitties in the comments, and it reminded me that you still haven’t used the names Cameo or Fawn for buff little girlies. Now we need some buff kittens! 😉

    • I’m trying to think whether I’ve had any buff girls since then, but none come to mind. I love the buffs!

  2. This litter’s daddy had to have been an orange or buff tom, I think.

  3. Today is also the day you announced that Margeaux is having kittens and the Starks arrived.

  4. Wait, has there always been a kitten-sized couch (not the Norma Desmond pink one), a
    little one complete with arm rests?!! That is just so cool. How have I not noticed that before now!? (It’s in the Trashcan video.)

    • That couch used to live downstairs in my living room but not a single one of my cats would use it. So I moved it to the kitten room about a week ago. The kittens will climb on it and love to hide under it, but I have yet to see one sleeping on it. YET. 🙂