4-27-23 Thursday

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Myrtle’s in charge of keeping an eye (or both of them!) on me.

Daisy’s all “Yeah, I know she’s back there.”

Zelda in the sun (partially).

Jay, in a rare still moment.

Nick’s all “HALLO!”

Myrtle likes to hang out under the curvy scratcher and then pop out and smack passing siblings. She’s like a fuzzy little trapdoor spider.

I was reaching out to grab Zelda and she showed me her teefs.

Here’s Jay!

Mama’s tail continues to be the best toy ever. If you wondered.

“You coming over here to grab me up and kiss me?” Nick wonders. (YUP.)

I swept up some stray litter, and Myrtle expressed her opinion of the broom. Of housework in general, really.

I swear to y’all, I try SO HARD to get pictures of all 4 kittens together, and there’s always one missing (in this case, Zelda.) I think she and Nick have a pact to thwart my hopes and dreams.


Newt in the sun, pretty sure that I should be offering him some chicken. (He’s wrong. That’s Fred’s job!)


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Jay shows off his upside-down climbing skills. Such a talented boy!

Nick ponders the eternal question: “Is Jay Pie your favorite, lady? Is it really?” (It is! So is Nick Pie.)

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This kinda cute just shouldn’t be legal.

This picture really shows off Myrtle’s gorgeous coloring (and those EYES!) She is such a pretty girl.

YouTube link
It’s a little bit crazy in the kitten room. Zoom zoom zoom (and a skitterbug or two!)

Jay’s whiskers in the sun are just the CUTEST.

Good night innernets. (The Crate Catsbys)


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4-27-23 Thursday — 4 Comments

    • Sentiment seconded!! (With deep appreciation for Myrtle’s poofed little tail-io and airplane ears!)

  1. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that little Ms. Zelda of the marvelous tortie coloration, the floof, and the delightful extra toes is going to win the first to purr award. 🙂 I could be wrong!