4-28-23 Friday

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Thank you for taking the time to be so specific about my Fancy Feast question. Why do you generally avoid the seafood flavors?

Oh, I can’t stand the smell – and the cats don’t particularly care for it, anyway. Every now and then I’ll buy a few cans of seafood flavored to make things exciting for the cats, and I remember just how strong and stinky it is.


Did Myrtle chase her tail after she noticed it? Allie is 12 years old and still occasionally chases hers.

None of the kittens have chased their tails yet (that I’ve seen.) I think they’re all too enthralled with Daisy’s tail!


I was wondering if you have introduced Zelda to the concept of being brushed/combed yet? A girl has to keep herself looking her best.

I haven’t yet – but I need to!


Oh, those girls. I could just squoosh ’em.

I was so sure Jay was going to climb onto the top of the Fruitasan, but for once he thought better of it (which isn’t to say it won’t happen in the future!)

Zelda in the sun, with attitude.

Jay was jumping around grabbing Daisy’s tail (to be fair, she kept flicking it back and forth, and it was awfully enticing!), and she was getting tired of it.

Nick in the tunnel looking at Daisy; Daisy outside the tunnel looking at Nick.

More Zelda in the sun. So much FLOOF.

Nick’s all “Hallo, lady.”

Daisy sometimes gets a little weirded out when she can see one of the kittens at the other end of the tunnel.

Nick came around to see what Mama was doing.

Zelda and Myrtle have a snuggly nap.


Jake’s all “You again, lady?” He has such pretty eyes (all my cats do!)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Zelda is fascinated by that track toy!⁠

To answer the questions I’ve seen recently: Zelda is polydactyl on her back feet. On her front feet, she has the normal number of toes, but they’re divided in a way so that she has thumbs. I’ve been trying to get a good picture of her feet, but she is not having it – but I’ll keep trying!⁠

And she is definitely floofy and going to be a medium- or long-hair! (She is also the lightest of her litter, and picking her up is like picking up a handful of cotton candy.)

I got the Fruitasan* out of the closet, and it took about a minute for them to discover and conquer it!⁠

*I got the Fruitasan at Pier1 several years ago. Pier1 has since gone out of business, and you can’t find the small Fruitasans anywhere. You can find similar versions at some TJ Maxx and Homegoods stores, though.

YouTube link
I got the Fruitasan out of the closet for the kittens, and they discovered it nearly immediately. And where better to fight?

(I got the Fruitasan – it’s meant to be a fruit holder – at Pier1 several years ago. Pier1 is out of business now, but you can find something similar, actually intended to be a cat hangout – at some TJ Maxx and Homegoods stores.)

Nick and Jay snuggle up for a nap. ❤️

YouTube link
With his siblings sleeping, Nick figures out how to make his own fun!

All 4 kittens on the cat tree (the girls are giving me some attitude.) Top: Nick and Jay. Below: Myrtle and Zelda.

Good night innernets. (Myrtle and Zelda)


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  1. Ahh! I find the picture of Jay m-a-y-b-e going to climb onto the top of the Fruitasan so impossibly cute!! The little reaching right paw (and pink jellybeans!!), the little climbing right leg; both left paws planted firmly. Yes, it’s just a wee kitten going about its business – but really, that is some potent adorableness.

  2. Everyone is just SO adorable. They’re at that perfect age.

    (Isn’t the “More Myrtle” in the sun actually more Zelda?)

    • Oops, yep! It’s fixed – thanks for pointing that out, it would have really bugged me to see it years down the road. 🙂