5-1-23 Monday

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Getting some breakfast at the milk bar and a bath at the same time. Jay likes a good multi-task.

Jay’s got eyes on Mama (who’s got eyes only for the food bowl.)

I mean, you dangle your tail in front of Nick, he’s gonna try to take a bite. You can’t blame him!

Nick relives his birth experience.

Nick sure does like that tunnel scratcher. I’m preemptively sad for the day when they abandon it because they’re too big (or alternately, the day I have to put it away because I’m worried they’ve gotten too big and will get stuck in it.)

Myrtle loves herself a track toy.

Chow time!

Yes, Zelda climbed into the tunnel and fell asleep.

So far I’ve seen everyone at the food bowl. They’re not to the point where they come running ’cause they know I’m about to put a plate of canned food on the floor, but that time is coming!


It cracks me up when I look out the window and see Rocco on the front porch railing like this. That boy is such a goober.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Nick’s all “Lady, I don’t want to alarm you, but I see a kitty who’s even cuter than me. Don’t let him in!”

Zelda finds my slippers annoying and is poised to give ’em the ol’ slapperoo while Myrtle considers grabbing Zelda’s tail.

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Jay and Zelda have the zoomies. Watch ’em go!

The thousand-yard stare kittens get when they’re in the litter box will never not make me laugh. So much concentration! (Myrtle)

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Zelda and Myrtle playing, Nick and Jay playing. They’re little but wild!

Jay and Myrtle are all “Excuse you, lady, this cuddle doesn’t involve you.”

Good night innernets. (Nick)

Looks like Nick just had a turn at the milk bar, and he’s not sorry.

Nick and Jay are settling down for a nap, I think (check out those sharp little white teeth on Nick!)

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Myrtle lurks, gets sassy with her mama, and doesn’t want to share her toy with Jay. Typical day, typical kitten.

I told Jay to stop being so darn cute, and he told me that it’s not something he can turn on and off… he just IS. Fair enough!

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Everyone else was sleeping, but Jay and Zelda definitely were NOT. Wild things!

Good night innernets. (Myrtle & Zelda)

They are SIX WEEKS OLD today and they look like miniature cats with attitude! This week, the kittens perfected their litter box technique (no accidents!) and everyone has been spotted eating solid food (either canned or kibble.) This week they’ll continue to discover that solid food is really pretty cool, they MAY be introduced to Churu, and yesterday they got their first vaccinations. Babies are growing up! Their current weights are below – everyone but Zelda is over the 2 pound (907.185 g) mark. She remains the lightweight of the bunch; Myrtle and Nick weigh exactly the same, and Jay is ever so slightly heavier.

Myrtle: 32.06 oz/ 908.88 g
Nick: 32.06 oz/ 908.88 g
Zelda: 27 oz/ 765.44 g
Jay: 32.13 oz/ 910.87 g
See their weight spreadsheet here.

I was minding my own business, and Nick climbed onto my legs, then rolled around waving his legs in the air. Do I mind? Not one little bit.

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Watching Jay play. That boy brings the fun!

I walked into the room, and Zelda was just sitting in the chair lookin’ sleepy. I had to resist the urge to snatch her up and kiss her 1,000 times. (Confession: I did not resist for long.)

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3 1/2 minutes of kittens playing. Nothing ground-breaking, just kittens doing their thing (and being amusing.) Also, some play time with mama!

Poor Daisy – Zelda’s giving her attitude from one side, and Myrtle’s attacking her tail on the other. She’s ready for these girls to go away to college.

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Before I took the crate out of the kitten room, I looked back through the Nest footage to be sure the kittens weren’t sneaking into the crate and hanging out in it (if they had been, I would of course have left the crate in the room. I’m not a MONSTER.) Turns out, the last time any kitten entered the crate was 2 weeks ago, and it was Jay. (I would have expected it to be Nick, who was the last to leave the crate, but nope. Once Nick was outta there, he was OUTTA there, I guess.) Something about Jay walking around the crate, looking at the place where he was born and spent his first 3 1/2 weeks is just so sweet to me. He was probably like “I remember this as being so much bigger!”

Good night innernets. (The Crate Catsbys saying “What? We fit!” From front: Nick, Jay, Zelda and Myrtle)


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