4-26-23 Wednesday

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Such an innocent little face, Jay. (We’re not fooled.)

Jay’s got places to GO.

Nick’s waiting to see if the milk bar opens for service (it doesn’t look good.)

Zelda is a big fan of the big cat tree.

I tickled Nick’s toes, and he was all “What was THAT?!”

Nick checking out the tunnel scratcher.

Jay sneaks through the tunnel to sneak a peek at Mama.

“Shhh, don’t tell her I’m here!”

Daisy flopped down for a full bath. Jay came out, turned around, and went back through the tunnel. That little foot and that little tush just kill me.

Climbin’ Myrtle.

They’ve discovered the track toys and find them very interestin’.

Myrtle in the tunnel. I thought she might take a short nap in there (she looks kinda sleepy), but nope.


Behold Charlie, extremely pleased with himself.


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Zelda pie (my favorite!) for breakfast? Yes, please!

Myrtle and Jay have a snuggle. I’ve had a lot of people ask recently if I’m seeing any bonded pairs in this litter. I see Jay and Myrtle hanging out and snuggling up together a lot, as well as Zelda and Nick, but just as I start to think “Maybe they’re bonded?”, they switch it up and Zelda and Myrtle spend a lot of time together, and so do Jay and Nick. So I’m going to say there are no real bonded pairs – everyone gets along great with everyone else.

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Daisy’s got the cleanest kittens in the South.

The cat tree’s in bloom! Top: Jay. Middle: Myrtle. Bottom: Zelda. (Not shown: Nick at the milk bar.)

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3 minutes of the kittens playing. Wasn’t it just yesterday that they were rolling around in the crate crying for their mama? Now they’re miniature cats racing around like their butts are on fire. They grow in an instant.

Myrtle loves it when the milk bar isn’t crowded. (So does Daisy, obviously. Ha.)

Good night innernets. (Jay)


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