4-25-23 Tuesday

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Daisy was eating, and Myrtle took the opportunity to see if she could sneak into the milk bar. Such a little opportunist!

It’s a Jay pie (my favorite!) That ball he has is made exclusively from Daisy’s fur. There are two of them kicking around the room, and the kittens LOVE them.

Myrtle’s a little obsessed with that outlet cover.

Daisy is SO BEYOND READY for these kittens to eat some solid food.

I think Zelda has a guilty conscience.

Myrtle’s got a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on here.

A look at Daisy’s post-spay belly. It always amazes me how small the incision is.

Smilin’ Myrtle and her sidekick Jay.

I cannot deny that I love it every time I see a kitten (here it’s Nick) playing with the green bean toy.

Girls (Myrtle up top, Zelda on the lower level) on the little blue cat tree.

If you missed it on social media yesterday, Zelda was spotted eating off of Daisy’s plate. Later in the day, I saw Jay sniffing around the dry food and then took a couple of bites. I’m sure Myrtle will be the next, with Nick bringing up the rear as he does.


An old shot of Dewey, so y’all don’t forget what a pretty boy he is.

(I miss having shelves in the kitten room. They’re on the list of things we’re going to do… eventually. Maybe later this year? We’ll see!)


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And the first Catsby kitten to eat off Mama’s food plate is… Zelda! You’re not surprised, are you? (I’m certainly not.) Look at her go!

Daisy does a ::thlurrrp:: and Zelda shows off her new trick.

There’s just something about that green bean, isn’t there, Zelda?

(I got our green beans from CatLadyBox. They’re sold out, but you can find the creator on Etsy under the seller name PrincessDreamsInc right here – they’ve not only got green beans, they’ve got lots of other cute cat toys.)

It’s time for climbing practice! Nice job, kittens! (Zelda’s just snoopervising because she’s already a climbing pro, of course.)

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A little leap for Jay. I expect that when that boy gets older, he’s gonna FLY.

Myrtle’s got her eye on you, innernets. You better watch it.

Good night innernets. (Nick’s all “Sorry, lady. This cat tree is at capacity. You gonna have to sleep somewhere else.”)(Zelda’s at the milk bar, FYI.)


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4-25-23 Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, I’m so thrilled to have the link to the green bean creator’s Etsy shop. After you introduced them here, I got some from the CatLadyBox, and our new kitten, Oliver, is obsessed with his. We have a Primary Bean and a Backup Bean, but I live in fear of losing (or him destroying) one of those. Now I can get a Backup Backup Bean! Or six.

  2. How cute is that little ball made of Mama’s fur! That will be a nice thing for the kittens to take to their Forever Home. Hopefully you’ll be able to get enough fur to make one for each kitten. (Probably not an issue, right?)

    Oh, and I find that tuxies are very good at jumping and climbing; they seem to have springs in their feet. So Jay is doing what he is destined to do.

  3. Does anyone agree that the photo of “Myrtle’s got her eye on you,” is a greeting card in the making? I would be happy getting that in the mail with a clever (or not) saying!

  4. Oh gosh that Etsy shop is cute!! Please tell me you have ordered the Ham Bone toy for Alice!