4-24-23 Monday

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Zelda in the sun, lookin’ floofy.

Daisy in the sun keeping an eye on me (and Myrtle’s keeping an eye on Daisy!)

Now that they’ve abandoned the crate, they like this space between the couch and the wall. I wonder where they’ll end up next?

Myrtle’s all “What, lady? What?”

Myrtle casts a longing look at the crate, remembering when she was a wee baby.

Jay enjoys some sunshine.

Zelda always looks surprised to see me. “Oh, hi! Haven’t seen you in seconds! Whatcha been up to?”

Did I mention they’re climbing a bit? Indeed they are.

Nick’s all “I can see so much more from way up here!”

Sometimes Daisy gets tired of milk bar duties.

So she just rolllls away.

Since Daisy was spayed last week, I’ve seen one or two kittens nursing at a time, but haven’t seen all four of them bellied up together. I’m not saying it never happens, just that I haven’t seen it myself, and I’m in and out of the room constantly.

Adding more litter boxes to the side of the room where the kittens tend to hang out (the opposite side of the room from where the crate was, interestingly) has resulted in 100% litterbox compliance. And (not to be TMI here), someone has started pooping in the litter boxes too!

I’d like to see someone (or four someones) belly up to the food bowl – I’m sure it’ll happen any minute now.


Khal’s judging me, magnificently.


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The eyes are changing color! Jay’s eyes have changed the most (I’m wondering if he might end up with gold eyes), but everyone’s got some change going on.

Zelda’s pretty sure she can climb up the side of the couch if she wants to.

YouTube link
Jay and Myrtle and Nick do some tussling, including some butt-biting, which as you know is an important skill in the tussle arena. Then Nick goes for a climb!

Jay looooves his mama. ❤

YouTube link
Zelda and Myrtle playing – like real cats! (They grow up so fast.)

Good night innernets. (Nick and Myrtle)

Good lord, that head tilt from Nick. WHY SO CUTE?

Sisters nappin’ together. ❤ (Zelda on the left, Myrtle on the right)

YouTube link
Jay gets BOOP’d.

Kilroy was here. (Nick)

YouTube link
Complaints? She’s got a few.

Seriously cracking me up. (Daisy & Jay)

Good night innernets. (The Crate Catsbys – clockwise from top left: Zelda, Nick, Jay and Myrtle)

They’re 5 weeks old! This week they started climbing a bit, explored the room a lot, didn’t set one paw in the crate, and started sniffing around mama’s food. This week I expect they’ll do more climbing, start leaping, and finally give mama’s food a try! Their current weights are below – Jay is now the heaviest of the litter (just a bit heavier than Nick), and Zelda is the lightest.
Myrtle: 25.9 oz/ 734.25 g
Nick: 26.5 oz/751.26 g
Zelda: 23.3 oz/ 660.54 g
Jay: 26.8 oz/ 759.77 g

See their weight chart here

Line ’em UP! 5 weeks old, and posing like champs. From left: Zelda, Jay, Myrtle and Nick. Perhaps for their 6 week lineup picture, we’ll be able to see Nick’s entire face, ya think? (Probably not.)

YouTube link
Jay and Zelda have a tussle, while Myrtle and Nick look on. (I think Zelda would rather have had a nap.)

Ooh, Jay pie! (My favorite!)

YouTube link
Poor Nick – he wants to play, but his boring siblings are all too sleepy.

Jay and Myrtle are like “Yep. We climbin’ now. You gots a problem with that?”

Good night innernets. (Myrtle shall sleep like an angel on her bed made of brudders Nick (left) and Jay.)


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4-24-23 Monday — 3 Comments

  1. In the vid of Myrtle and Zelda playing, there’s that spring, omg, my 3 kittens fave toy from day one! They have shoved them under everything in my house…the fridge, the bookcases, the couch, the stove, they even shoved them under the sump covers in the basement, which caused a mightly concern when it rained last week! I found a pack of 10 kids party favor plastic slinkies at Dollar General a couple weeks ago and if you cut them in 3rds and strrreeetch them out a bit, they are the same but bigger and harder to shove into every nook and cranny! The more you know! <3

  2. Morning!
    I was wondering if you have introduced Zelda to the concept of being brushed/combed yet? A girl has to keep herself looking her best.
    Thank you for all you do for all the kittens and their Mums!