7-29-21 Thursday

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Sofia Soy Sauce enjoys some sunshine.

And then she melted.

“What IS that bright light?” Alfie Alfredo wonders.

Franco Fondue looks guilty.

Alfie Alfredo and Christopher Chutney scheme.

Christopher Chutney and the Face of Innocence.

Don’t look at me, Mama. I didn’t make ’em!

Theo Pesto has a halo.

On the scratcher Tia Teriyaki has an opinion – and it looks like Christopher Chutney is listening closely!

Christopher Chutney has discovered the couch (again… he’s discovered the couch several times now, and it seems to be a new experience for him every time.)

Alfie Alfredo has declared his Da BAYbee status.

Tia Teriyaki tests the structural integrity of the ham-mick.


Newt loves hanging out on the landing.


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