7-29-19 Monday

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Eyes on the feather teaser!

Francois blends well with that rug, doesn’t he?

Oh, that Jacques. Those eyes are something else, aren’t they?

Madeline loves – LOVES! – getting under things. She’s very often poking her head out from under the blanket on the couch when I walk into the room. She’ll also go behind the couch, climb under the couch cover, and go to sleep.

There’s Da BAYbee.

Amelie’s all “See? They’re clean!” Her face is cracking me up. “Ugh, weird lady, you again?”

The big kittens’ spays and neuters went great on Friday. I dropped them off about 10:30 and they were home again before 6. They were a little quiet when I first got them home, but they were racing around by bed time. They got their last vaccinations Saturday morning, so they spent most of Saturday sleeping it off. Now they’re back to normal, racing around, playing, and wrestling with each other.

So we have applications on Jacques and Francois (together), and on Esmee. Hopefully they’ll be able to go home soon (I haven’t heard word from Michelle yet as to when that’ll happen.)

We do NOT have applications on Antoine, Amelie and Madeline. Someone was briefly interested in all three of them, but that didn’t work out. It would be wonderful if all three went together; I don’t expect that to happen, but it could! Forgotten Felines does require kittens to either be adopted in pairs (or more!) or to join a home with a cat who will play with them. Kittens are very active and can be destructive when they’re bored – I don’t want to even think about the number of kittens adopted as singles and then returned when they’re a year old because they’ve become destructive. If you or someone you know needs one, two, or three WONDERFUL kittens, you can email Forgotten Felines at info (at) ffhsv.org to get the ball rolling.


Oh, look. Kittens all willy-nilly* in the middle of the room, MARGEAUX.

Beauregard shows off his fabulous belly.

Gabrielle has a tiny bit of a goopy eye; the Terramycin ointment makes it look worse than it is.

I was unable to get video of it, but I was holding Luc like this and telling him what a chunky little muffin he is, and he was MAKING BISCUITS IN THE AIR and then I died.

Fleur in the front, Gabrielle in the back.

Henri also had a slightly goopy eye, and the ointment made it look worse. I ASSURE YOU THAT THEY ARE FINE.

I can’t swear that this is accurate, but I BELIEVE left to right we’ve got: Gabrielle, Beauregard, Fleur, Henri, Josephine, and Luc. (The only ones I’m 100% on are Gabrielle and Henri.)

On Friday and Saturday, the kittens were on the move. Margeaux constantly moved them under the bed, to the middle of the room, to between the litter boxes, and so on. I decided to stay out of it, because any time I’ve stepped in and moved the kittens it’s just annoyed her (you’d think I’d remember that I NEVER WIN THIS BATTLE). At some point Friday I had wondered if she’d be interested in a cardboard box for them, so I found one and set it next to the litter boxes. (Conveniently, the guest bedroom closet is where I’m storing everything for the online auction, which includes a bunch of boxes.) A while later, I walked in to find three kittens in the box and the rest between the litter boxes, so I set up a second box right next to the first one.

Meanwhile, the kittens have discovered that they have legs and can walk, kinda, so at one point late Saturday, there were kittens toddling all over the room, howling their heads off, and Margeaux was trying to convince them to stay where she put them (ha ha). I walked into the room Sunday morning to find two kittens in one box and four kittens in the slightly larger one next to it.

“Perhaps you’re seeing my point about keeping them CONTAINED, Margeaux,” I thought in her direction, but didn’t actually say anything out loud because I don’t like to gloat (ha ha ha yes I do.) For the better part of yesterday the one box stayed full with 4 kittens and at one point the other two were out walking around – I’m not sure how they got out, I don’t think they were able to climb out since the side of the box is pretty high. They ended up in various places – usually under the bed or in the middle of the rug – and she kept them fed, and at this point I guess I’m glad they’re in the guest bedroom, because if they were in the kitten room, who knows where they’d end up? I’m weighing them every morning and she’s managing to keep them fed, since they’re all gaining. They’re healthy little chunks (who now weigh more than Amelie did when I got those three, which blows my mind) and good LORD are they CUTE.

*Willy and Nilly would be excellent names for a pair of kittens. Also, Millicent and Vanillicent. (Am so very very very amused by myself right now.)


Alice and Khal in the back yard, last fall. He looks a bit annoyed; maybe she’s too close to him.

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  1. I love how Gabrielle (I think?) is staring at the wall in the “Beauregard shows off his fabulous belly” photo.

    • Haha! I didn’t even notice, until I read your comment. Was too busy looking at the belly! 🙂

  2. No one should be making eye contact with royalty. I guess Alice-Mo didn’t read the memo. All hail the king, Khal, you gorgeous boy.

  3. Ok, this cracked me up”!! “Meanwhile, the kittens have discovered that they have legs and can walk, kinda, so at one point late Saturday, there were kittens toddling all over the room, howling their heads off, and Margeaux was trying to convince them to stay where she put them (ha ha).” Poor Mama!