7-29-15 Roundup: Random Cuteness

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I’m on vacation ’til the end of the month, and I’ve pre written and scheduled posts for the time that I’m gone.


Roundup: Random Cuteness

The whole darn bunch (well, except for Carlin, who hadn’t even been born yet!)

Tiny ‘tocks.

Pile o’ cute.

And a pile o’ cute.

“HI Mama!”

“Don’t look, Mama!”

A Louis and his Mama.

A Louis (left) and Rickles comparison.

Rickles is all “There, there, Skelton. It’ll be okay!”

A Skelton (left) and Shecky comparison (and some Louis over there on the right).

I love this picture so much!

Louis (left) and Rickles. “You gonna sit down, lady?”

Louis and Skelton under the scratcher.

Skelton, Louis and Rickles hanging out.

Roseanne has a super duper outrage going on!

Roseanne and Skelton on a bed of teddy bears.

Lap full o’ monkeys.

The whole bunch (apparently Carlin still hadn’t joined them yet).

Belushi, Roseanne and Louis in the window bed.


Rickles, Louis and Carlin, doin’ the bro thang.

Shecky (bottom) and Skelton in the basket.

Carlin in the basket, fighting off Louis while Rickles snoopervises.



Shecky has lost his mama:

YouTube link.

Sleepy kitten mosh pit:

YouTube link.

3 weeks old and wrasslin:

YouTube link.


Deep Thoughts for the Loony one.


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7-29-15 Roundup: Random Cuteness — 6 Comments

  1. A Louis and his Mama really needs to be added to the fav pics section. Just sayin’.

    It occurred to me that you could get a pretty awesome 7-for-1 deal if you were to snorgle a sleeping pile of kittens.

  2. “Don’t look Mama” immediately brought to mind “Don’t look Ethel!”, said earworm, and sorrow for all the young whippersnappers who not only don’t get the reference, but missed out on a funny song, and an interesting point in American social history.
    The excess of cute, however, may require insulin injections all around 🙂

  3. I know I’m very greedy but do you have any photos of Mama carrying any kitten :p