4-24-20 Friday

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Chipmunks fly?

This one did! Although I don’t know that it was really flying – it was more the poor thing flinging himself off the screen toward an object it thought it might land on that was closer to the ground. Instead, it bounced off the object (my face) and landed on the ground.

YouTube link


What are the kittens personalities like individually.. who is more content to go off by themselves and who is the social butterfly and which one keeps tabs on where mama is and what she maybe doing? Who is more curious about you and comes up and investigates what you are up to…etc .does one like to sit and gaze out of a window.( if a window is available for them to sit by and ponder the outside world)

They’re all pretty interested in what I’m doing, though Alejandro is hands-down the nosiest of the bunch. They’re all so accustomed to me sitting on the floor and giving them probiotic or Churu that as soon as I sit down, they come over to check if I’ve got something for them. Diego and Carmelita don’t mind going off by themselves – Carmelita, especially, is often the last one to the plate when it’s time to eat because she’s off keeping herself busy doing something else. (But then, she’s just as happy to pile up with her brothers, too.)

Diego doesn’t like to get in the middle of a crowd – if they’re all clustered around me for their probiotic or Churu, Diego is almost always either a few feet away, or at least at the edge of the crowd. (Which now that I think about it is funny since his “spot” at the milk bar is exactly in the center, so he’s used to being crowded.) I think he’s the thoughtful observer of the litter, and he’s most like his Mama in that I can put a tie or hat on him, and he doesn’t immediately fling it off. (To be fair, most of the kittens are pretty good about the hats.)

Javier is the kitten most likely to track what Mama’s doing and where she is. He doesn’t snuggle up with her any more often than the others, but he likes to know where she is.

All of the kittens like to sit and look out the window – Carmelita was the first to do it, but they all like to watch the trees and the birds.


Robyn – are any of the kittens – at this point – ‘lap kittens’? You know, the one or ones that willingly walk right over and curl up in your lap and watch the mayhem and shenanigans? Is it too early for that? I love the hopping skittering clips you share and this group looks pretty ‘up on their shenanigans’ – they all seem to participate equally. Oh, and Carmelita seems to certainly hold her own with her bros!

None of them are really lap kittens, but in my experience kittens who are with their mothers don’t get to be lap kittens until they’re separated from their mother/siblings. I will pick up and snuggle the kittens when they’re sleeping, and in fact I managed to pick up Alejandro yesterday while he was sleeping without waking him, and held him until he woke up 10 minutes later. I fully expect that these guys are going to all take after their Mama and turn out to be lap cats.

By the way, the same is true of kittens purring – they rarely purr for me while their mom is still with them. I’ve gotten them all to purr a few times when I pet them while they’re sleeping, but that’s it. I expect they’ll all purr as loudly as their mother does, though.


Diego in a tie. I can’t even… is that the same one Sugarbutt used to wear?

Nope, the one that Sugarbutt and Tommy wore says “Woof” on it.

You can see more pics of those two in that tie in this post from 2013, along with their devoted interns, Barney and Bitsy Beans.


Seriously though, do you have to be a facebook member to join the auction shenanigans? I’m not (facebook creeps me out) but badly want in on the fun.

Unfortunately you do have to have a Facebook account to bid, though I THINK you can see the pictures and could theoretically ask someone else to bid for you. I would love to be able to do a non-Facebook auction, but the auction software I’ve looked at is expensive and requires an ongoing membership that would cut too much into the profits.


So, Khal has met the kittens? What did Carmelita think? I mean two floofy panthers!!! That’s worth a pic! Though, a pic of Diego and Khal would be awesome as well…. Big Floof / Little Floof.

Khal’s only seen Diego a few times – we’re now at the age where I need to make a concerted effort to bring the kittens on field trips to the downstairs so that when they go to their new homes they aren’t quite as shocked by the fact that other cats exist!


Alejandro, laughing maniacally.

Javier in the sun. Such a pretty, pretty boy.

When they’re side by side like this, you can really see the size difference, eye color difference, and the subtle coat difference between Alejandro (left) and Pablo.

Carmelita the meerkat.

Javier and Pablo are takin’ over Mama’s scratcher.

Carmelita is just so darn CUTE.

“What doin’ weird lady?” Pablo wonders.

Pablo in the sun.

Such a pretty boy.

Alejandro’s all “Wahhh! I’m a pretty boy TOO!” Indeed you are, little cutie.


Archie looks almost sweet here, doesn’t he?


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