4-28-20 Tuesday

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Alejandro’s all “Lady, you is weird.”

Carmelita concurs.

“She’s PRETTY.” Indeed you are, Isabella.

Pablo gets the good stuff.

Alejandro (who already had his) is all “WHAT IS GOING ON OVER HERE.”

“Lemme help you with that.”

Carmelita with the Precious Moments eyes.

Pablo with the loony tunes eyes.

“There any probiotic left?” Diego wonders.

Look at Isabella chilling out and looking smug without any idea that Alejandro’s paw is dangling over her head like the Paw of Damocles.


Looks like Dewey’s had just about enough of Jake’s shenanigans and nonsense, judging by those Ears of Annoyance – and Jake’s giving the Annoyance Ears right back to Dewey.


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