4-20-20 Monday

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The Forgotten Felines of Huntsville May auction starts on May 9th, which is LESS than three weeks (like and follow the page here), and here’s a peek at what you can look forward to seeing.

Those are crocheted kitties inspired by our very own permanent residents, made by a wonderful Forgotten Felines supporter (that is Sheriff Mama in the middle back, and the hat, badge and holster KILL ME), and they are just the tip of the amazing iceberg. So go like and follow the page, you won’t want to miss out!



Oh, Diego, you gorgeous boy.

“I’m the king of this here mountain,” Diego informed Javier, who didn’t look terribly convinced.

“I don’t believe you are,” said Javier. “I believe perhaps I am.”

“So there.”

Give Pablo a box and some cut up toilet paper roll tubes and he’s happy.

Diego says “This is an excellent box.”

“Well,” says Alejandro. “I’m not getting involved in whatever’s going on over THERE.”

Mama has a snooze.

I believe Carmelita has reached shenanigan overload and would like me to PUT that camera DOWN.

The kittens are slowly expanding their horizons throughout the upstairs during the day. They still spend most of their time in the foster room, that’s their safe space. I’m not even sure they’ve noticed the big cat tree in my room yet, but I look forward to finding them all on it at some point.


Dewey takes a stroll through the back yard with his Ears of Annoyance.


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