4-3-20 Friday

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Are this bunch purring much yet?

Actually, no. It’s been my experience that kittens who are kept with their mother tend to start purring much later than orphans do. I will occasionally get a few very short purrs if I pick up a sleeping kitten, but that’s about it.


I wonder if Jake would recognize a fellow loon???

I suspect that Jake’s reaction to any kitten will always be to hiss and run at first. We haven’t started bringing these kittens downstairs for field trips yet, but hope to start doing that next week or so.


Is it just me, or is Javier the only sleek one in a litter of puffballs? Do you think this means he’ll be shorthaired and the rest medium to long?


The fluffy little heads on this batch of kittens are killing me dead with the cuteness! Do you think they are all going to be long haired when they grow up?

I do believe Javier will be a shorthaired cat, and the others will be medium or long haired. They’re certainly some little floofballs!


Pablo could be thinking-“Those are very cool lounge pants/jammies lady. Where do I get me some?”

I think you’re looking at the slippers on my feet – and those came from the Animal Rescue Site BUT they appear to be out of stock and have been for a while. I’m thinking they may have stopped carrying them, which is a bummer because they’re so comfy.


I’m sorry if you’ve already been asked this a bunch of times, but where did you get the little round hanging wicker chair?? I think my two guinea pigs might need one!

That is the Fruitasan Fruit Holder from Pier1, but unfortunately it looks like they no longer carry it. Which is another bummer, because it’s so freakin’ cute!


Any chance they’ll stay chubby and blue eyed for a bit longer?!

Their eyes are already changed a lot (they tend to photograph as MUCH bluer than they really are), but as far as being chubby, well, they seem to be working very hard on that! (Side note: it’s amazing how heavy a kitten who weighs 2 pounds can seem.)


Oh dear lord, Pablo’s gonna kill me with that quizzical little head tilt.

Diego is a fan of that red sparkleball.

A BIG fan.

Alejandro, caught in the act.

“I would never bite my brother and make him cry, and I’m appalled at the accusation!”

Javier would like you to know that Pablo makes a comfy bed.

I brought that toy – it’s the Petmate Butterfly Ball – into the kitten room. They weren’t sure what they thought about it.

Pablo had to come see what was going on, and I love that I caught him mid-leap.

Javier and Diego were like “We don’t get it,” while Pablo was like “This is COOL!”

Carmelita in the scratcher.

And Carmelita melting out of the scratcher.

Alejandro says “Hellooooooo, innernets!”


Newt loves to hang out on this Ham-mick and watch the backyard. Doesn’t he look comfy (and kinda like he wishes I’d go away)?


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