11-26-19 Tuesday

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Back in September, I posted about Darry – one of the Greasers, who we fostered for Challenger’s House back in 2016. Darry was returned in September, through no fault of his own. I apparently didn’t post in the blog, but he was adopted in mid-October! And here’s an update on him.

I ran into Winnie today at Walmart and spoke to her about Darry. I adopted him last month and he is such a joy to have around. She mentioned that you cared for him at one time and would love an update on him. He is a wonderful boy and very affectionate once he learns he can trust you. He is very well behaved and has been such a blessing for me. He has taken on the name of Egsy (from the movie The Kingsman). I was showing pictures of him to my associates at work and one of them said he looks like he would be British (because of his bobtail and coloration). I agreed and thus came the name of Egsy. Thank you for caring for him, he now has a forever home and is king of the castle.

How absolutely wonderful is that? (Thank you for the update and letting me share, Matthew!)


It’s a box full o’ Gabrielle. I wish I could get a picture that adequately shows just how striking she is.

Fleur is ready for me to take this collar off of her, please. (I did, but had to take a picture first because seriously. How CUTE is she?)

Sleepy little muffins.

“I’ll take a belly rub, if y’don’t mind.”

Gabrielle and Fleur posing for yet another portrait.

Melted kittens.

I happened to be near Petsmart yesterday (okay, actually IN Petsmart) and so…

Henri is back for the holiday, for a break (even though it hasn’t been that long.)

So is Josephine!

I had planned to bring them home Wednesday and then take them back Friday, but then I decided to give them an extra day and pick them up Tuesday. BUT THEN I just so happened to be at Petsmart and had to go into the cat room for another reason altogether, and I figured “Why not?” They’ll go back Friday before adoption hours start.

I know y’all always worry that littermates who are not bonded will be sad and miss each other greatly when they’re separated, and while I wish I had a story wherein the kittens all ran in slow motion and embraced each other while sobbing with happiness, I do not.

What actually happened was that Gabrielle took one look at Henri and gave him the ol’ whapperoo.

There was also a lot of growling all afternoon. But by the time evening rolled around, they were friends again, mostly.

Henri (front) and Josephine.


Jake loves his Khal.

You know, as much as Jake loves his siblings (especially Frankie and Khal), you’d think he’d be friendlier to the kittens. And Luc eventually did get him to play a little, but for the most part Jake is on the Nope train when it comes to the kittens.


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