11-20-19 Wednesday

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Luc’s got his eye on the skwerl.

I ADORE it when squirrels stand there with their little paws in that position. They always look like they’re ready to punch, if need be.

Mutual sniffing.

Earl the Skwerl is all “I do not wish to be friends with this one, lady. I don’t trust his intentions.”

Earl taking over the window feeder. And then Fred said “We should put a chair in there so Luc can get all up in Earl’s business.” So we did.

And not long after, that dastardly Earl managed to knock the feeder to the ground and it broke. GRRR, EARL. (The suction cups actually held up fine, but the hooks that go through the holes in the top of the feeder aren’t long enough, which makes the feeder easier to knock down. I need to figure out a way to set up the feeder (because of course I’m getting another one) so it can’t be knocked down.)(“I think you need to make it so the squirrels can’t get into the feeder,” you’re saying. Ha ha NO.)

Gabrielle and Luc enjoy some sunshine.

“I’M ENJOYING THE SUNSHINE TOO, LADY.” Yes ma’am, you are indeed, Fleur.

Gabrielle’s attitude toward Fleur is getting better, but she’s still a bit hissy (I think it’s the cone that’s kind of spooking her). Luc had fun playing with both girls yesterday, and at one point (according to Fred) Jake was trying to play with Gabrielle, but she hissed and flounced away. But later in the day when Fred was sitting in his recliner reading, he had both Khal and Gabrielle on his lap, and she kept smacking at his tail (who could blame her?)


The magnificent Khal.


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