11-4-19 Monday

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6 little muffins, all in a row. Left to right: Gabrielle, Henri, Luc, Beauregard, Josephine, Fleur.

Henri, sound asleep in Fred’s lap (and yes, Fred made that blanket.)

Luc has a snuggle (I’m not entirely sure who that Ear of Annoyance behind him belongs to, but I think it’s Beauregard.)

HUGS. That’s Henri hugging Fleur, and Josephine in the background.)

Henri assists in the changing of the sheets.

Beauregard and Josephine, enjoying the freshly made bed.

5 of the 6. Luc was off elsewhere, ruining my picture opportunity.

Henri and Gabrielle, all “You again?”

Melting in the sun. (One thing I love about this time of year is that that spot in the kitchen stays sunny nearly all day long.)


Jake has a thlurrrp.


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