11-19-19 Tuesday

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Edited to add (9 am) – Fleur sounds MUCH better this morning and is having a blast running around the house playing.

Just a very short and very quick post for today because yesterday was a long (but productive!) day of packing auction items to ship, and in the afternoon I got a call letting me know that Fleur (who was still at Petsmart) was acting like she was trying to cough up a hairball, and then sounded a bit better but was wheezy.

So I sent Fred over to pick up Fleur and Gabrielle (who was in the same cage with Fleur; I didn’t want to leave Gabrielle alone), and then he called while he was on the way home and said that he thought maybe she’d swallowed something and it was possibly stuck in her throat. I told him to take her to the vet (we have a walk-in clinic about 10 minutes from here) and waited to hear what was going on.

He showed up at home with Gabrielle in tow about an hour later. The vet could feel something in Fleur’s throat from the outside, but they’d have to knock her out and scope her, so Fred left her there. Gabrielle hung out in the room with us while we were packing auction items, and good LORD what a lovebug. I don’t think she stopped marching for one minute, rubbed and purred and marched and purred some more.

Another hour or so later, the vet called and said that Fleur had an enlarged salivary gland (“massive,” the vet said) and she’d taken a biopsy from it. Fred went to pick her up and brought her back here along with a couple of prescriptions.

Yep, she’s gotta have the cone while her incision heals. We’re all thrilled, as you can imagine.

Gabrielle is 6 kinds of ticked off because (1) Fleur is wearing a blue cone and that’s not very fashion-forward and (2) she smells like the vet and that perfume is SO last year.

Luc was interested in Gabrielle, a bit freaked out by Fleur (who was high on pain medications, and perhaps I mentioned the not-very-fashionable blue cone?), and so everyone kind of retreated to their own corner for the night.

So I’d say Fleur will be here for a bit longer, and unless Gabrielle gets adopted from here in the meantime, she’ll be with us for a while too.

(And if you won something in the auction and have already paid, your stuff is on the way.)


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