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I’m sorry to start off the week on a sad note, but I am so sad to let y’all know that Terry, one of our sweet True Blood 6 fosters from 2009, has passed away.

I share this kitten picture of Terry often, because it’s one of my favorites.

He was adopted out as a kitten in 2009, but returned to Challenger’s House in 2014. He had that same Terry face and that same Terry personality – you can see my post about him here. Christine read about him and couldn’t get him out of her head, and a month later she adopted him (post here.)

I will be forever thankful that after an incredibly rough start in life, he ended up in a wonderful home.

Our hearts go out to Christine and her family for their loss; and our love for giving him the home he deserved for these past years.


Here are the rest of the pictures I took of the kittens before Henri, Fleur, Josephine and Gabrielle went off to Petsmart. (There were no adoptions over the weekend; the volunteers have reported that they’re doing well.)

Luc has a snooze.

Gabrielle giving Beauregard the ol’ chomperoo.

Oh, that Fleur.

Fleur and Henri in the Box o’ Paper.

Gabrielle in the sun. She is SUCH a pretty girl.

Luc and Henri have a snuggle.


Luc, Henri and Beauregard from above.

Sleepy babies. (Gabrielle, Beauregard and Fleur)

“Excuse you, lady, we tryin’ to SLEEP.”

One last shot of all six of them.

Luc and Beauregard are doing fine. They were a little confused about where the other kittens have gone, and Luc is more likely to call out from another room if he doesn’t know where we are, but for the most part they’re just hanging out and doing their thing.


Dewey has a smug.


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