5-4-20 Monday

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Back in 2013 (I CANNOT believe it’s been 7 years!), we had Khaleesi as our pregnant foster. She waited what felt like FOREVER to have her kittens, and when she actually had them, it was an action-packed event you can read about right here.

“I had four… but there are five. Am I counting right?!”

Last Friday was the birthday for Khaleesi’s kittens (happy birthday babies!) and I got an update on Khaleesi.

It has been more than a year since I sent you an update on Khaleesi, and her kittens’ birthday seems like a good time. (Happy birthday!) Her Majesty continues to do well. A few days ago she and Lily were engaged in some “synchronized sleeping”.

Khaleesi is still not a Lily fan, so this usually happens when Khaleesi is asleep and Lily notices an empty pillow on a chair (because no self respecting cat would sleep directly on the wooden chair), and hops up on it. If Khaleesi wakes up first, she usually glares at the nearest human for not alerting her to the situation, and walks off in a huff.

Sometimes they will tolerate each other if there is a common foe about, like squirrels or birds.

Someone (I’m not naming any names) destroyed the old scratching pad and box that it came in, but we had another “refill” hanging around plus an Amazon box. So a few minutes with a utility knife and a generous helping of catnip later we had a new scratching pad. Khaleesi dove right in and rolled around in the catnip. (This was the only picture I got where she was not a blur.)

Back in January I caught a rare photo of everyone together. Bubba is the lump in the back under the blanket.

Bubba still has the big blue eyes and an inability to relax.

We hope that everyone is staying healthy and that their cats are not ready to kick them out of the house so they can have some peace and quiet.

Don’t you just love seeing that girl so happy? (Thank you so much for the update, Alton!)


In case you somehow managed to miss it over the weekend…

Isabella went home Friday afternoon. I hear that the introduction to her new home went well. She was out exploring with her tail up, taking occasional breaks to regroup, and then exploring some more. She now lives with a retired couple who will spoil her rotten (as she deserves!), and there are grandkids who live right next door who will come visit and play with her. I will let y’all know if I get any updates on her.

The kittens’ reaction to her being gone? Pretty much a nonreaction. They’re playing, they’re snuggling with each other and with me, and I managed to talk Alejandro, Carmelita, and Javier to take a nap with me Saturday afternoon (I imagine it won’t be too long before the other two learn of the magic of nap time.)

Today’s pictures are the last ones I have that include Isabella.

Such a PRETTY girl.

Watchin’ birds.

Hanging out with Pablo.

That seems comfy.

She brought this toy into the room and called to the kittens with her “Come eat!” meow, and then was annoyed that they ignored her.

Family nap.

Spotted by Pablo!

A little milk bar action.

Diego in the scratcher, Carmelita messing with his tail, and Isabella in the background on her scratcher. (I did send that scratcher home with her so she’d have something familiar.)

With Isabella in her new home and not here to “protect” the kittens from the permanent residents, the kittens got a chance to meet a couple of the uncles. The results were… pretty darn floofy. Those pics will be in tomorrow’s post!

Just a reminder that the kittens are going on Wednesday for their spay and neuter surgeries. I think they’ll be headed out of here this weekend (I know Carmelita will, for sure, be going home on Saturday, but haven’t yet heard about the others), so thought I’d mention it so that you won’t be surprised. The reaction to this news seems to be “Awww, I’ll miss them… WHERE IS THE NEXT FOSTER?!” (which I understand).

We can’t have any new fosters ’til these guys are gone – but I don’t think it’ll be long at ALL before the next foster or fosters, whoever they may be, are here.


Fred folded Archie’s ears back like this. Archie was like “Wut?” and sat there for the longest time before shaking his heads so his ears would pop back into shape.


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