9-21-20 Monday

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I don’t know how it’s possible, but it’s apparently been SEVEN years since this little muffin went home.

That, of course, is Norbie (Norbert), the little orphan who needed a family at the exact time Khaleesi was giving birth, so we slipped him in among her kittens and she raised him as her own.

This is what he looks like now!


Kirsten says: My handsome boy is doing great as we hit 7! years as a Chicagoan. Number one hobby-sleeping, number 2 hobby-Kravitzing on the neighbors, number 3 hobby-playing with his Mousie toy which came home with him from Alabama, number 4 hobby-drooling on his momma’s shoulder, number 5 hobby-tormenting his big sis (this used to be higher-I’m glad they’ve calmed down a bit).

I wish it was in focus-but Norbie does not like cameras pointed at him-he was already starting to look away.

Try to relax Norbs.

Ms Claudette-my pretty girl

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years! I sure do love seeing his sweet face. (Thanks, Kirsten!!)


Speaking of adoptions and going home and such…

You may already know this if you caught where I slipped it in yesterday’s roundup post (hi Amy!), but in case you missed it, we are ADOPTION PENDING on…


Yes, just Athos. Like Planchet (now Jupiter) and Winter (now Luna), he’ll be joining a home with a young cat who could use a buddy so they’ll leave the older cat to her own devices.

The family is going on vacation in a couple of weeks, so Athos will wait to go home ’til they’re back from their vacation. I’m sure y’all know just how disappointed I am (NOT) to have him for a few more weeks!

This leaves d’Artagnan, Porthos and Aramis available for adoption. Porthos and Aramis will be headed to Petsmart soonish, and d’Artagnan will stay here until there’s room for him. We’re still waiting for Constance put on a liiiiiittle bit more weight, but I’m hoping she’ll be able to be spayed soon so that she and Rochefort can head on home.


D’Artagnan from above.

Rochefort from above.

Aramis from above.

Athos from above (note that he still has the tiniest bit of blue around the edge.)

Porthos from above.

Annnd Constance from above.


Taco Truck Takeover.

“Rochefort! Someone’s in our truck!”

“Mister, that’s our truck.”
“It’s mine now, kid.”

There was a slap fight which ended with Rochefort hissing and slapping wildly at the air.

Archie ignoring Rochefort; Rochefort pouting.

“You got donuts, Mister?”
“Nope, tacos. Just tacos. No donuts.”

“I don’t like you, Mister,” says Aramis.
“Imagine my heartbreak, kid.”


When he’s not busy taking over the taco truck, Uncle Archie likes to snoopervise Jigsaw Puzzle Time.


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9-21-20 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. Aaaahhhhh, Norbie! I started following the Love-and-Hisses blog not long before Khaleesi gave birth to the Dragons, and Norbi’s adoption story (first by The Mother of Dragons, then to Chicago) is one of my MOST favorite. So good to see this boy after all these years, what a handsome, handsome cat he is! (Miss Claudette is a beauty, too!)

  2. There are lots of YAY’s today. Yay for Athos finding a home, YAY for Norbert turning 7, and YAY for puzzles! (It’s a little early in the day for tacos, but they are good too!)

  3. Oh Norbert you’re still so adorable. Thank you for the updated pictures of that little pissed of breath.

    I just love all the updates. The ones from this Sunday were wonderful. So many smug happy kitties.

  4. NORBS!! Love that boy so much and I’m so happy that he’s happy and content. Norbles will forever be a favourite so keep those updates coming! He has a large fan base! 🙂

    And then there’s Archie, lol. Crotchety yet charming and adorable Unca Archie. I love how he seems to begrudgingly enjoy hanging out with the kittens. He’s a complicated kitty, that Archie. <3

  5. Norbie! He’s just as handsome now as he was cute then!

    And I’m so happy Athos has found a home, so I don’t have to drive down there and get him myself!

  6. “There was a slap fight which ended with Rochefort hissing and slapping wildly at the air.” LOL! Wish you’d caught it on video!

    “Archie ignoring Rochefort; Rochefort pouting.” Looks like D’Artagnan noped right out of the whole thing!

    Congrats to Athos! I hope he not only wins over his new playmate but the disgruntled older sister!

  7. Awwww, hi Norbie! Sweet little (grown up) orphan kitty! His story still amazes me. And how the heck has it been seven years?

    I saw in the roundup post yesterday that Kristi needs a new home. If only I could…! She’s made a ker-splash with this particular reader. Please pass along love, pets, scritchies, and lap time to Ms. Tortie Talkerness Purrball?