9-20-20 Weekly Roundup

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D’Artagnan sees what you’re doing, and frankly? He’s a little appalled.⁠

Rochefort got too close to Uncle Archie, which earned him a light slap on the head, and Constance responded by hissing at Archie. She’s not opposed to Rochefort getting a smack on the head, but that’s HER job, Uncle Archie.

Listen. We’re at the point where all these kittens are healthy and we’re just waiting for their people to come along (well, and waiting for Constance to put on a little more weight so she can be spayed and she and Rochefort can go home.) So I get to take naps with kittens every single day if I want to… and I want to. There are parts of fostering that are tough and worrying and a lot of work, and it’s sometimes sad, but when I get to snooze to the sound of Aramis’s cricket purr or Porthos snuffling around in my ear, this part – and the part where they get to go home to wonderful families – makes it SO worth it.

If only we could convince poor Aramis to relax… ❤️

Athos, feelin’ smug.⁠

Good night innernets. (Constance & Rochefort)⁠

Six little muffins, all in a row. Left to right: Constance, Rochefort, Aramis, d’Artagnan (mouth open, as usual), Porthos and Athos.

Look! It’s Fender (the buff tabby)! He was one of Ryder’s kittens (who we fostered in 2018). Here he is, curled up with his sister Sammie – what a pretty pair! (Thanks, Jason!)

YouTube link
Rochefort is a tiny bit nuts.

When I took the boys to be neutered last week, I met this little sweetheart. His name is Trolly, and he was found in the parking lot of a gas station, his ear mostly burnt off (they’re pretty sure he rode up inside a car and then came out when the car stopped.) I understand he was in pretty rough shape when Michelle got him, but he looks great now (the ear is not painful.) He’s a little charmer, is what he is.

YouTube link
The kittens feelin’ floofy. (I have no idea what caused the floofy skiterbuggishness, but it’s always entertaining to watch, no matter the cause.)

Athos and d’Artagnan look like they woke up in a bowl of melted rainbow sherbet.

Constance continues to be 90% eyeball, 7% ears and feet, and 3% everything else.⁠

Good night innernets. (d’Artagnan and Athos)⁠

“Behind you, lady! A serial killer! A ghost! Or nothing at all!” d’Artagnan and Porthos are trying to make me look, and I reFUSE.

Unfortunately, due to reasons that are not her fault, Kristi (who was our foster in 2018 along with her daughter Katia and their kittens – the Olympians), was returned. She had spent about a year and a half at Michelle’s house, and then went to Petsmart and was adopted in January. It turned out that it just wasn’t the right home for her.⁠

She is back at Michelle’s house and although she looks kind of angry here, that’s just her Resting Kristi Face. She was purring and loves being petted. While it’s sad when adoptions don’t work out, I am forever grateful that Forgotten Felines of Huntsville will take their cats back for the life of the cat. Kristi’s forever home will show up at some point; for now she’s safe and well cared-for and has friends – including her daughter Katia – around her.⁠

YouTube link
Aramis and Athos have a happy.

One more week ’til the first day of Autumn – time to get your pumpkins picked! (Athos bounced out of that tin like he has springs for knees. I wish I’d been taking video.)

YouTube link
Play time in the kitten room!

The fish taco truck is now apparently stocking donuts, pizza and bacon in addition to the fish tacos.

There might have been a feather teaser over this way. (Athos & Rochefort)⁠

Good night innernets. (Aramis)

“Look lady, I gots a foot!” Yeah, Rochefort… so do I! Mine’s not nearly as cute, though.

A little over a year ago, we had (among others) these two little muffins as our fosters – Madeline (now Molly) on the left, and Antoine (now Aiden) on the right (the upper left pic is them from a year ago; the other two pics are them now). Look how beautiful they are now! Shawnee reports: Aiden is twice Molly’s size. She is so dainty. She even eats and drinks like a proper little girl. She flops down on her back for belly rubs and gets away with everything. He’s basically a wrecking ball/snuggle bug. He loves chin scratches and he is very adamant about his meal schedule. She holds her own with him, though…even when he forgets he’s so much bigger. She’s really funny. We call her my tiny terror because she is always into stuff.⁠ THANK YOU, Shawnee!

YouTube link
Aramis the happy muffin (and Athos, sleeping.)

One tree, 6 kittens. Top: Aramis and Rochefort. Middle: Athos (smirking) and Porthos. Next level down: d’Artagnan (with his mouth open, how unusual). Bottom: Constance, judging me.

YouTube link
Kitten room play time. They’re wearing their crazypants… as usual!

Porthos and Athos keep an eye on Uncle Archie from a safe distance.

Porthos, exploring.⁠

Good night innernets. (Aramis)

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and as such please admire Rochefort’s form.

Continuing our Thursday stroll down memory lane, say hi to fosters #48-52: Dulcinea (named because she reminded me of my brother’s cat), Elle, Felicia, Punki (named after my sister’s cat), and Skittles (because she was skittish at first.) We fostered them in 2007 and early 2008. I called them collectively The Five Sisters. They were the kittens of a feral cat who had been trapped/neutered/released and just needed a place to stay ’til room opened up at Petsmart. ⁠

They’d only been with us for a day before room opened up, and off they went. Dulcinea was adopted immediately, but the others weren’t. After they’d been there for about a month, they came back to us for a break. They stayed about 2 1/2 weeks and then two of them went back to Petsmart and the other two stayed. Thus ensued a game of kitten ping pong where they, in pairs, bounced back and forth between our house and Petsmart every few weeks for the next three months. Finally, in February Elle and Skittles were adopted (together, I think.) Punki was adopted right after that, but it took until early March for Felicia to be adopted.

YouTube link
Luna (formerly known as Winter) and her big brother Jack. That girl cracks me UP! Nicole reports: Jack is so tolerant of her. He’s really good with her. If she’s not around he goes sniffing and ‘looking’ for her. He will find her and sit next to where she’s at. 🥰 And Stevie Bob has touched noses! I didn’t catch it on camera though! So meanwhile he will watch Jack and Luna from a short distance.⁠

Thanks Nicole!!⁠

Say hi to fosters#53-57, who we fostered October 9-18, 2007: Brolo, Chemda, Keith, Khalili and Patrice. (They were named after people on the podcast Keith and the Girl (“the Girl” being Chemda, and “Khalili” being her surname. Brolo is the nickname for Brother Love, a frequent guest on the podcast, and Patrice, their then “gossip girl.”) (I still listen to Keith and the Girl all these years later.) ⁠

The kittens came from a farm in Tennessee – there were several moms left at the farm, and most of the other kittens (I’m not sure how many) either died or were killed by other animals. The foster mom ended up keeping the moms & a local rescue had them spayed. Keith and Brolo were from the same litter, and Patrice, Khalili and Chemda (all girls) were all singletons. I don’t know – or at least, don’t remember – if any of them were adopted together, but they were all adopted out pretty quickly from Petsmart. (Brolo was returned several years later, and was eventually adopted out to a Challenger’s House volunteer.)

Can you believe this baby bat is still available for adoption? True story! D’Artagnan the confident, goofy, nosy, friendly, SWEET housepanther with the big ol’ ears and the white heart on his chest is available for adoption. He’s been neutered, he’s been vaccinated, now he just needs his family. Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org

Porthos is all “What are YOU waiting for?!” He’s available for adoption, and he is the SWEETEST. Loves being held, loves to snuggle, but SUPER loves to nurse on the collar of your shirt (or on your earlobe, but he’s good at being redirected if that’s not your thing.) (Nursing on your shirt or earlobe or finger is a self-soothing behavior on his part, and is something he may or may not grow out of. It is VERY sweet, though.) He gets along very well with other cats and did I mention he’s a sweetheart? SO sweet. Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.

Athos is a little bit judgy, a little bit timid (it takes him a little while to adjust to new situations & new people – but adjust he does), and a whole lot sweet. He’s got a deep purr, a sweet disposition (orange tabbies are the quintessential surfer dudes of the cat world, and Athos is absolutely that), and loves to be snuggled (when he’s not racing around like his tail is on fire.) He’s available for adoption still, somehow. (Psst! Athos is actually not available any more, he’s adoption pending. I’ll make the formal announcement tomorrow, but anyone who actually reads these gets to know a day ahead!)

Good night innernets (and if you’d like a kitty friend to cricket-purr you to sleep, who’ll chirp at you and roll around on his back, who gets along great with other cats and is unbearably gorgeous, Aramis is available for adoption – email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org for more information!)

Six little kittens all in a row. Please look closely and see a sight that is RARE: d’Artagnan with his mouth open. (Left to right: d’Artagnan (back), Porthos, Constance, Athos, Rochefort, Aramis.)⁠

Oh dear, how CUTE IS THIS? Jupiter (formerly Planchet!!) got a good bath from his big brother Bushwacker, and then, Kai says: Bushwacker is giving me this “Don’t speak to me or my son ever again” look 😂⁠ WAY too cute! (Thanks, Kai!)

YouTube link
Aramis is the happiest boy, I swear.

Count Aramis in his fabulous cape.

YouTube link
Rochefort was carrying the feather teaser around and growling at anyone who got too close.

Aramis and Porthos are keepin’ an eye on things. SOMEONE’s gotta.

Good night innernets. (Porthos)

I’m pretty sure Constance could use a #Caturday kiss. 😘

Luna (formerly Winter!) gets her Kravitz on. I don’t know WHERE she could have possibly learned such nosiness. It’s a mystery.

YouTube link
Athos gets his ears cleaned by Constance.

YouTube link
Happy happy Athos (and Constance!)

D’Artagnan points his Ears of Annoyance at the world.

I was cleaning off the built-in desk (because the kittens have learned the neat trick of getting up there) and I tossed a couple of catnip bags on the floor without realizing that one of them was partially ripped open already. It took about 2 seconds for the kittens to rip them both open and spread catnip all over the room. Look at those guilty little faces (and d’Artagnan, who feels no remorse.)

Aramis (with the mile-long tail) is thinking about jumping on Rochefort… and Rochefort knows!

Good night innernets. (D’Artagnan & Athos)


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  1. “D’Artagnan points his Ears of Annoyance at the world.”

    I can totally relate to that baby bat!

    (I must have missed that photo during the week so I’m glad you do these recaps!)

  2. Athos in a pumpkin tin…I bet he tastes like pumpkin pie.

    D’Artagnan cracks me up with his mouth open all the time. They really are at that lanky teenager stage, aren’t they?!