9-20-18 Thursday

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If you are in the Vancouver/Victoria area:

Does anyone in the Victoria/Vancouver region know of anyone willing to take on the care of a ~80% blind, slightly arthritic 16-year-old cat? Or a reputable rescue agency who could guarantee her comfortable care for her (few) remaining years?

You can contact the original poster over at Twitter if you or someone you know is able to help.


The kittens are named! May I officially introduce to you…

Brown and white tabby girl Pulley.

Brown tabby girl Solenoid.

Tuxie girl with the splash of white next to her nose Cam.

Tuxie girl (with no splash of white next to her nose) Cruise.

Buff and white boy Fender.

Orange and white tabby boy Clutch.

Orange and white tabby boy Axle.

Orange and white tabby boy Gauge.

And little dilute tortie girl Dynamo.

Ryder came to me pre-named (due to where she and the kittens were trapped) and we went with truck parts for her kittens. It was a group effort – we came up with a list of names and chose the ones we liked the most.

I’m not sure how I’ll ever tell Clutch, Gauge and Axle apart. I can see, when I look at pictures, that there are differences in their faces, but then I look at them in person, and I am completely clueless! This likely means that I’m going to get out the fingernail polish and put a dab on two of the three so I can tell them apart for now; I expect that by the time the polish wears off, I’ll know who’s who. That’s how it usually works.

I have a few pictures of hissy kittens that I took the first day they got here. They were reacting to the camera, not me, and by yesterday morning the hissing was completely done. Which is good, because if nothing else these guys have to learn to live with the camera, am I right?

Clutch the hissypants.

Dynamo’s the brave one, apparently.

“I’ve said my piece and counted to three, lady.”

Clutch, Gauge, Fender and Cruise.

“Did I say ‘no camera’? Because I’m thinkin’ I did.” (Cam)


“Why you buggin’ us?”

I feel very judged right now.

Pictures do no justice to just how pretty Ryder is.

Serious little Solenoid.

“Rub da belly, lady!” (Pulley)

Fender and his casual monkey walk over to see if the milk bar is open is cracking me UP.

“Who, meeee?”

So before Steve delivered the kittens, I set up the room so that there were little litter boxes in most of the corners of the room, and then put a couple of large litter boxes in the closet for Ryder. The kittens showed zero interest in the litter boxes that were out in the room, immediately went into the closet and peed on the floor (thankfully there were washable pee pads all over the floor; those things are so handy.) So I moved a couple of the small litter boxes into the closet and first they used those, then they started climbing into Ryder’s litter boxes and using those as well. So as of this moment all the litter boxes are in the closet and the kittens are using them like the brilliant babies they are.

I also made a super comfy spot on one side the room – folded up a big, plush blanket and then put a cat bed on top of it. When I first took the kittens out, I put them on the cat bed. They stayed there for a few minutes, then wandered off to explore, and they haven’t been near the comfy spot again. Where do they sleep? Either directly on the hardwood floor (I mean, of course) or in the toe of the Croc shoe bed (you’d think 9 kittens would fill that bed up completely, but there’s actually plenty of room to grow). They’ve also piled up and fallen asleep under the ess scratcher too, so I’m thinking they like having something over their heads. I’ll have to poke around in the storage area and see what else I’ve got that they might like. (They’ll completely ignore whatever I find and bring them, I’m sure, but it doesn’t hurt to try!)


When it’s hot out (it’s been sweltering here lately, and I am impatiently waiting for cooler weather), Newt likes to hang out in the kitchen window so he can look outside if he wants, but stays cool. He’s no dummy!


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  1. I don’t know how you haven’t passed out from all the cute. You must have a high cute threshold.

    A kitten named Solenoid cracks me up!

    I think a few of the pics have the wrong kitten labels though.

  2. Axle and Fender, lol. They sound like a metal band. This little family are just so cute! And how beautiful is Ryder?! I say this with every bunch, but oh how I loves them already.

    Any news on how Kristi and Katia are doing at finishing school?

  3. The kittens and Ryder are so cute. Just let me know if they need “socialization from an outside source.” I would be happy to come over and play with them.

    I understand about soft comfy beds. I bought Bella a new one so that so could sleep next to my computer. She won’t get in it and prefers the hard top of a plastic drawer tower. If I put the cushion in the nest at the top of the new climbing pole, she moves back to one of the old nests. Take it out, and she moves right over.

  4. Well of course all of the litter boxes are in the closet…that is where those babies wanted them and that is where they will be! Come on, lady…you’ve been doing this awhile…try to catch up, okay? Hahahahaha

  5. The cute is overwhelming. I think that Dynamo on a worried looking kitten is adorable and SOOO ironic. (Ooh-a group of Alanis Morrisette named kittens-HA!) Also, do you have anymore of those Rubbermaid containers you used to put outside like little houses-I bet the kittens would like them if they like things over their heads. They are probably just used to that because of being in/under the truck, etc.
    Edited: I think car names as a theme would be good if you don’t already have a list of them (Lincoln, Prius, Chevy, Dodge, Camaro, Corvette, Pinto, Gremlin, Edsel, etc.)

  6. I always have a soft spot for the mama cats who manage to birth and protect their beebees in the most awful circumstances. A good many of the rescues I took in as permanents were such mama cats. So Ryder is definitely a “super mom-cat.”

    And what a gorgeous bunch of babes she produced! Love the little worried Dynamo! Enjoy!

  7. I have a bad feeling that someone dumped that Mom and babies when they were getting older or did not want 10 cats. Since she is tame, one has to wonder. How old were the kits when she was rescued?

  8. I’m dying from the naming theme. My first reaction to mama’s name was “Ryder trucks?” but I couldn’t imagine how that could work. Clever!

    I didn’t think she was named for Mitch Ryder (and the Detroit Wheels)… but that makes me think Motown and the Musicians could be a good theme for a future litter. So many great Detroit musicians to choose from.

  9. I love the picture of the scaredy-cat ornj boys hiding behind their sister! And Cruise! I love a tuxie with a white chin and no other white on their faces – my current kitty Allie has those markings as did the late lamented Charolotte…

  10. That photo of the four-kitten judgement committee just kills me! “If you interrupt our meeting, we will direct the full force of our judgment at you.”

  11. I can’t believe you get ANOTHER 9-kitten pile-up nap…. Don’t mind me over here, SEETHING WITH JEALOUSY!!!!! 😀

  12. For the poster looking to place a senior kitty in the Vancouver area: Tinykittens is native to that area. Might reach out to Shelly and see if she knows anyone.

  13. Thought of some more naming themes:
    Star Wars=Darth (as in Maul), Luke, Wookie, Rebel, Anakin, Vader, Jar-Jar Binks (Binky for nn)
    Also Candy Bar/ fillings: Nougat, Caramel, Toffee, Coconut, Whopper, Lollipop, Twizzler, Snickers

  14. Leftmost kitten on the Judgement Committee Panel even has the ol’ “as a concerned professional, I will fold my hands to let the full weight of my disappointment in you really sink in for a while, m’kay?” post down pat. That’s serious judgement right thar. And concern for your welfare.

  15. I adore that the tortie baby is Dynamo. I would so keep that name if I adopted her. It’s perfect. All of them are perfect, of course, but I have a weakness for torties.

  16. Such cuties!!

    So does Axel have a diamond shaped nose? His nose “leather” (skin?) looks larger than his brothers’ and I am able to pick him out easier.