9-20-19 Friday

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Back in 2013, we had (among others), this little muffin.

Of course you recognize Norbie (Norbert), the little orphan who came to us while Khaleesi was giving birth. We slipped him in among her kittens, and while she was occasionally puzzled by him, she raised him as her own. (You can read Khaleesi’s entire birth story here. Warning: there was a lot of blood during her birth experience, but she was perfectly fine.)

Six years ago TODAY, Kirsten drove over from Chicago and adopted that boy. Here’s what he looks like today!

30 seconds after this photo that succulent ended up on the ground.

Still a little brat – managed to stress out his sister so much she got cystitis a couple of times this summer. But also still an excellent snuggler and lets me get all the belly snorgles I need.

Happy Gotcha Day, Norbs – and thank you, Kirsten!


Tiny Beauregard in the Tiny Basket.

Katriane, keeping an eye on me.

Princess Gabrielle is displeased.

Luc has a tiny thlurrrp.

Yep, Beauregard’s a cutie.

It’s kind of hard to tell from this picture, but I was holding Henri on his back like a baby, and he wasn’t sure whether he liked it or not.

Tiny Basket, Tiny Luc.

“We is watching you, lady.”

Fleur from above.

Josephine’s having lunch with Mama.


Oh, that Jake. Isn’t he loony perfection?


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