8-13-21 Friday

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Molly Marinara’s kittens are 10 weeks old today, and you know what that means… If you’re interested in adopting Molly Marinara and/or one or more of her kittens, send an email to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org

They’re not yet scheduled for their spay/neuter surgeries – I am hoping that they’ll be able to go the first week of September, and then can start heading home shortly thereafter. (Molly has been spayed, of course, so could head home sooner than that.)

All kittens MUST go to a home with another playful kitten or cat in residence OR be adopted with another kitten. We are located in Huntsville, Alabama and while we will adopt out of state you must come here (to Huntsville, Alabama) to complete the adoption.

Once again, that email address is info (at) ffhsv.org


RE: Archie on the porch; I have a cat who unless it’s around 100+ is always curled up in a tight little ball. (She’s always been super skinny, there’s nothing wrong with her, she just has a metabolism I would kill for.) If she’s sprawled out, we’re always like “We’re going to diiiiiiie!”

In the winter we have a heated bed in Alice’s house on the back porch. We usually unplug it once daily temps hit the 80s. One very hot summer right around the 4th of July I realized I’d forgotten to unplug it. Did it stop her from hanging out in there ALL THE TIME? It did not. Cats are molten lava at their core, I swear.


I just found some catnip toys from Amazon that are right up your alley. (First set, second set, third set.)

Those certainly ARE right up my alley!


How are they doing weight wise? Or maybe I mean just Sofia, as I believe you said they wouldn’t have their surgery until she was ready as well?

I need to add their weight chart to their page (which I will do this weekend, maybe), but in short: she and they are doing great. Sofia Soy Sauce was 10 ounces when they came to me 3 weeks ago, and as of yesterday she weighs 1 pound, 11 ounces. I’m hoping to have them spayed/neutered the first week of September (waiting to hear back from Michelle), and I’m positive she’ll be over 2 pounds at that point. (The only other kitten who isn’t well over 2 pounds yet is Theo, who is just barely under 2 pounds and probably will skip over the 2-pound mark in the next couple of days.)


One vote in favor of the new format. I’m not on Instagram or Facebook, so it’s nice to see what gets posted alongside the blog post.


2nd vote, if it’s as easy/easier to do.

Thanks! I actually really like doing it this way (I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before now) and I feel like people who aren’t on social media aren’t missing out or waiting until Sunday’s very long post to catch up.


In the past, you have mentioned a product or supplement that gives a boost in energy for older cats, would you please talk about that again.

It’s called Liqui-Tinic. I get it at Amazon, this is the stuff.

(It might be available elsewhere, but like I said I always get it at Amazon.)


In my head Dewey is named for Dewey Crowe. The dumbest criminal in Justified. So, I could see how he’s in witness protection. This is the end of my favorite scene with Dewey, when he thinks his kidneys were stolen. It is not family safe. It’s dark and funny.

YouTube link

I WISH we’d named him after Dewey Crowe (we’ve talked about naming kittens after characters from Justified), but he was named after Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle, because Fred said Dewey (the cat) looked like Dewey (the kid), and I can’t deny the resemblance (it’s the ears).


I love that (if you look closely) you can see the bottom row of Molly Marinara’s teef.

Tia Teriyaki is all “Theo better not think he’s gonna come over here and wrassle me. I am NOT. IN. THE. MOOD.”


Franco Fondue’s face is cracking me up. He’s all “She says the milk bar might be open later! I can’t wait!”

Christopher Chutney’s giving Tia Teriyaki a hug. Uh huh, sure he is.

Franco Fondue’s all “Who, me? Stealing the ball out of the track ball? I’d never!” (I have no idea how they get that ball out of there. It’s a tight squeeze to get it in the track, but somehow they keep digging it out of there.)

Pretty Miss Hannah Hollandaise.

It’s a Sofia Soy Sauce pie! That’s the best kinda pie.

Theo Pesto (and his fabulous ear floof) from above. He’s got a complaint.

And Christopher Chutney from above.

Hannah Hollandaise appreciates a comfy (and pretty!) bed.


Jake on his bed on the back porch. He always knows when I’m in the kitchen, and he watches me suspiciously.


Posted on social media yesterday.

It’s #Thlurrrrpsday, and as such please admire Christopher Chutney’s thlurrrp. Excellent form!

Oh dear lord, Theo Pesto needs a squoosh!

YouTube link
The whole bunch of them had literally JUST finished breakfast, but Molly Marinara still came over to stare at me because that’s what she does since I started giving her treats when I leave the room: she sits and waits for me to leave so she gets treats. Even though she’d just eaten! She’s such a nut.

Sofia Soy Sauce recommends the Christopher Chutney ears – they’re particularly tasty today!

YouTube link
It’s longer than I usually post – about 2 1/2 minutes – but you’ll want to stick with it. There’s a breakthrough at about 1 minute, 20 seconds in that took me by complete surprise (and after that it might sound like a hiss, but that’s Molly Marinara coughing.)(She is FINE, just had something in her throat. Possibly a Hannah hair.) This took place yesterday morning. At the end there’s a short video Fred took (shooting it vertically like some kinda animal) yesterday evening. Only took two weeks to get to this point!

Getting a little attitude from Alfie Alfredo, here.

Good night innernets. (Hannah Hollandaise)


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  1. Malcolm-in-the-Middle Dewey’s sweet and innocent face (and ears) outsmarting his brothers, let me show you it: youtube dot com/watch?v=CBdCP4tg03I

  2. I literally gasped when I watch that video of Molly and the nursing kittens wow.

    I love justified. I can understand why people have problems with how they portrayed country folks but good heavens it was funny .

  3. Molly sort of looks like she got caught doing something! But I’m so happy to see Hannah Hollandaise getting a little mama-love. And that silly Theo — he figured out how to stay out of the scrum and still take advantage of the milk bar!!

  4. YAY!!! I am so relieved that Molly is starting to show Hannah some affection. That video where she ignored Hannah’s sweet, stretchy overtures and then Hannah went and sat behind Molly with her back facing the happy, nursing family just about ripped my heart OUT 🙁 Looking forward to the video (fingers crossed!) where Hannah is finally nursing with the others.

    Good girl, Molly!!!

  5. Tiny Hannah Hollandaise in the background of the photo of Franco Fondue and Molly Marinara looks so … tiny.

  6. I always remember the scene from Malcolm in the Middle when they told Dewey to stand in the corner, then forgot about him and he stood there all night…