8-13-20 Thursday

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Snuggling with Athos.

Several people have asked about the pile o’ beds, and also whether they’re Fred’s work. They are NOT Fred’s work – Fred never makes anything I want him to, and doesn’t crochet anything he doesn’t wanna. These are beds I won in one of Andrea’s auctions to benefit Winnie’s Wish a few years ago. I had the beds piled on the couch after I’d washed them, and the kittens discovered the pile and now there’s always a kitten sleeping there, ergo I can never move that pile of beds. They like the single beds, but they love love LOVE it when they’re piled up. The more the better!

Constance in the sun.

I sure wish Rochefort could relax.

Porthos has a lovely set of whiskers and gigantic ears.

Winter is fond of the sunshine. It gives her the serious face.

A sweet moment between brudders – Aramis cleaning Planchet’s ears.


D’Artagnan’s all “What? I’m being nice!”

Then d’Artagnan and Aramis raced off, and Planchet took over the pie plate and stared disapprovingly at the dirty window wondering why so dirty. (Answer: kittens.)

Snuggly brothers. (Aramis and Athos)

Apparently Aramis is the kitten in charge of cleanliness.

D’Artagnan shows off his heart.


Newt would like you to be impressed by the fact that he can roll his tongue.


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8-13-20 Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. You have no idea what a thrill I get out of seeing stuff I made being used your kitties! (well, by any kitty anywhere in a picture with something I made and I’m stoked to know my stuff is all over the world now!) Every time I see that stack of beds I have to laugh! I have a stack just like it (different colors of course) But my stack is waiting for another auction, lol. I swear I should share one of your ‘princess and the pea’ pictures and sell the stack as a whole! 😉

    I would gladly share the pattern with Fred, but I know you said he wouldn’t make things you want him to.

    Newt has skillz!

    • Fred would neverrrrrrrr use that pattern, because he’s very very mean.

      I brought the bed made from the sweater (which had been on the guest bed) into the kitten room so I could wash it, and the kittens claimed it of course. I swear half the things in the kitten room are things you made – they’re ALWAYS a big hit! 🙂