8-14-20 Friday

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Last reminder (for this auction, anyway – the big one in November is coming as well as a quilt raffle in September, so start limbering up your biddin’ fingers!) – the last of the new items will be added this morning. One of the cute things added yesterday was…

This adorable calico set!

The auction Facebook page is here!


Is Constance maybe a dwarf kitten?

I don’t think so. I looked up the physical characteristics of dwarf kittens (disproportionally short and thick legs and large head), and she is physically proportionate, just small.


So truth: how many shots and how much time did it really take to get all 8 on the tree?? LOL


The pictures of all eight on the cat tree are wonderful! How did you entice them to stay? (Does it involve feathers? 😀 )

It took maybe 25-30 pictures to get the perfect one, and about 5 minutes altogether, if that. When I walked into the room 4 kittens were sleeping on the cat tree, so I put Constance up there, which kind of woke them all up, and then it was just a matter of getting the other three onto the tree as well. They’d all been sleeping, and sleepy kittens are WAY easier to deal with (picture-wise) than wide awake kittens. I was mostly amazed that I got a couple where they were all looking at me. And that Winter stayed – you can tell she’s on the verge of NOPE-ing right off that cat tree, but she was curious about what was going on. (What was going on? I was wildly whipping the feather teaser around, of course!)


Look what I found that might go along with the toasty cat bed:
avocado toast
toaster pastry
bacon, egg,and sausage
and here’s a tomato
There were also donuts. 😉

Some of those (all of those) items may have made it into my Chewy cart!


How’s Alexandra doing? Is she policing the litter boxes at Michelle’s?

Alexandra is doing great! She’s minding her own litter box business and letting everyone else mind their own as well (which is a good thing, because I don’t think the adult cats would care for her trying to drag them away from the litter box.)


Since I kind of doubt that the kitten room was designed to be a kitten room, do you have any idea why the washer and dryer are there? If the room were a bedroom or office, that seems odd.

Also, both my furnace closet and w/d closet (which are next to each other in my hallway) have folding doors and Allie Cat opens them with great dexterity! She’s too big to get between or behind the washer or dryer, but I worry more about her getting behind the furnace or hot water heater!

I think it was meant to be a rec room – when we first saw the house, this room was set up as half office (the desk side) and half TV room (the built-in cabinet side), so maybe they didn’t have anywhere else to put the washer and dryer. I would expect, though, in a house this size, for there to be a separate laundry room. When we first turned that room into a kitten room, I did think to block off the spaces on either side (and between) the washer and dryer with cardboard, so at least the kittens can’t get BEHIND the washer and dryer. Just the thought stresses me out!

(We did discuss having a wall added to create a laundry room, but that would have blocked off the desk from the kitten room, and I really like having that desk there, it’s really handy.)


Where better to take a post-breakfast bath than in the box on the shelf, Porthos?

I ended up moving the box to the floor because I could just imagine a kitten overbalancing and riding that box to the floor, and that’s quite a distance. Planchet immediately climbed in and declared that it’s a good box.

Fred has nicknamed Athos “the worrywart” because he always looks like he’s worried (even when he’s happy and purring.)

A very brief glimpse of Uncle Archie made d’Artagnan get his Floof Suit out of storage.

Kittens in the sun.

“I BITES YOU D’ARTAGNAN!” says Rochefort.

Pretty pretty Aramis in the sun.

Porthos from above.

Smugly sleeping d’Artagnan.

“This will do nicely,” says Winter.

“Gimme a hug, lady.” As you wish, Constance.


Jake’s waiting for the chipmunks and squirrels to show up and entertain him.


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8-14-20 Friday — 7 Comments

  1. How soon until sleeping d’Artagnan falls right over? Kittens, puppies, babies – they all do it and it’s adorable!

  2. Nothing to do with your plethora of adorable felines, but I find it reassuring that you obtained a box that held bags of flour – it’s so nice to be able to find it again. Now if only my bread would come out edible…

  3. Oh that Rochefort… sitting behind d’Artagnan, he doesn’t look the least bit fazed by Uncle Archie coming in for a surprise inspection, lol.

    • Rochefort is a surprisingly self-confident guy; maybe being doted upon by his bigger siblings has helped boost his confidence. 🙂