8-14-19 Wednesday

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A lap full o’ Henri.

They’ve discovered that silver knob and are a little bit fascinated by it.

Such a pretty Auntie Kat.

Luc has a think.

Josephine wonders why the weird lady is so weird.

Luc made the mistake of stomping over to see if Auntie Kat’s milk bar is still in service. Auntie Kat was appalled.

She (gently!) booted him in the head, and he decided to go elsewhere.

“NO MILK HERE, KID!” Auntie Kat yelled.

They are SO SERIOUS at this age, it just makes me want to pick them up and kiss ’em.

“What?” (Fleur and Gabrielle)

“What’s she doing, Mama?” Fleur wonders.
“Just ignore her. She’ll go away eventually.”

But she couldn’t resist; she came and climbed in my lap and found out that she likes being snuggled.

Luc’s claiming that brick as his own.

Kat atop the cat tree in my room, very pleased with herself.

Katriane was going a bit stir crazy in the foster room, so we’ve started letting her out to explore the house. She’s a little unsure about the permanent residents (who mostly ignore her), and will generally ask to go back into the foster room after a bit. Here, Archie’s giving her a Look.


Khal the Fabulous and Magnificent.


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8-14-19 Wednesday — 22 Comments

  1. Lol, Auntie Kat. I’m guessing her idea of snack time for her nieces and nephews is to order online and have it delivered.

    Khal is just so dreamy… Is that a touch of grey along his chest, or is it just the new style kids are wearing these days?

  2. Khal is so gorgeous, how do you keep yourself from following him around with that camera? I could never get enough of him, myself. Thankfully, I have my own “Khal” but his name is Toby. If these boys think alike then Khal probably dislikes the attention their good looks draw. *swoon*

    • It makes him nervous if I spend too much time following him around and then he hides, so I try to restrain myself. 🙂

  3. In that silver knob picture, please note the little back feetsies sticking out. He’s sitting on his butt like a furry little baby and I can’t even. <3

  4. Oh Stefan, sweet boy. You were one in a million. Still miss hearing about you bringing stuff into the house.

  5. The kitten working his way over the brick in the series of pix where Auntie Kat’s Milk bar is closed… hilarious – a little side show!

  6. Dearest Stefan, I still cannot believe you are gone. I hope you are there, watching over all the kittens now and in years to come.

  7. The “NO MILK HERE, KID” photo made me snort coffee, lol… by now, I should know better than to drink a beverage while reading L&H!!

    • And Margeaux says “You go girl! The rest of you: the closing of this milk bar is in the offing.”

  8. I think Josephine isn’t wondering about the weird lady, but about where her own tail has gone 🙂

  9. Goodness I’ve got to go look at this litter again because I went to the Stefan post, and then the sad Tommy posts and made myself sniffly… Loved those sweet boys!