8-13-19 Tuesday

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One of Ryder’s kittens from last year was this little tuxie girl, Cruise.

Here she is today – she’s now Lily – with her brother Moose!

Melissa said: They are two peas in a pod and only took about 3 days to become best friends! She completes our home.

How sweet is that? (Thank you, Melissa!)


Katriane is such a pretty girl. Please note the biscuit-making paw.

Luc loves that track toy.

Please admire Beauregard’s clean paws.

Josephine keeps an eye on the weird lady.

Fleur in my lap. These kittens are turning out to be lapkittens.

“Is time for the petting, lady.” (It’s always time for the petting when Margeaux’s around.)

Gabrielle and the serious little face.

Luc tries out his climbing skills some more.

Oh, Henri.

Kittens tussling, Margeaux snuggling.

There’s that serious little face again.


Speaking of serious little faces, Frankie always looks so serious but he’s actually just the sweetest, happiest lovebug.


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8-13-19 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. Moose and Lily are just the sweetest pair! Look at those faces…

    Tabby kittens are just the cutest little buns ever.

  2. You have a houseful of lovebugs right now! 😀 I envy you that bunch of lapkittens.

    Margeaux is clearly a doll, but I admit I still adore Auntie Kat, Kat the cat, Katriane the kneady talkerkitty of super sweetness. Is she still a happy super chirper? And is she as purry as I suspect she is?

    Hi Frankie! <3

  3. Lily looks so much like Caroline. Those look like some very content kitties. That’s a happy home. Lucky Melissa!

    • I came here to say the same thing about Lily and Caroline! It’s that perfect little white chin. They could be twins 🙂

  4. Moose and Lily look very happy together. Lily still is very petite, so cute. Frankie is the so adorable. How is is health?

  5. Admire the paws, and the claws, and the belly, and the big eyes, and the boopable nose, and and and 🙂

  6. Oooh, I always love reading the past Love and Hisses entries, and that is such a cool raptor in the 2014 entry! I have been brushing up on my raptor identification skills and thought it may interest you to know that it is not, in fact, a kestrel, but almost certainly a Cooper’s hawk. They are very secretive and like to live deep in the forest, so it’s really cool that you got to see one! They also like to eat birds, so it’s quite fitting that one was eating a Mockingbird. You can even see in the photo she has very long toes for gripping the feathers of her prey. Sorry, I can never resist an excuse to talk about birds! I hope you found that interesting, though!

    • That is very interesting! I was thrilled that I happened to have my camera with me – and love the flying-feathers part of that second picture (while, of course, feeling bad for the mockingbird.)

  7. Beauregard has paws? Oh oh oh. I see now. The things the adorn the corners of that gorgeous spotty tummy.