8-12-19 Monday

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Friday marked two years since Fred declared that then-foster Mercury, who was hugely pregnant, had “at least” a week before she gave birth. And naturally she gave birth immediately, in the early hours of the morning.

She gave birth to 6 kittens, but sadly one of them – Kepler – passed away at only a day old. Luckily, her remaining kittens were very healthy, and here are two of them today!

Phoenix in the sun.

Stardust in the sun.

And as a bonus, here is their sister Amber, who was our foster – then Ambercup – back in 2015, and looked like this then:

Here’s Amber now:

Amber posing prettily.

(Thanks, Debra!)

Also, you can see Phoenix and Stardust’s brother Hubble on Instagram, here.

PS: I’ve got pictures of another of Ryder’s kittens to share in tomorrow’s post! Don’t you just love updates?


Oh, those eyes (but if you look closely, they’re already starting to change. Wahhh!)

“Excuse you, lady, there’s no room in here for you.”

Fleur has a ::thlurrrp::

Looks like Margeaux’s hoping to make an escape.

Gabrielle shows off her delightful belly.

Someone gets a bath from Auntie Kat.

Margeaux and Beauregard keeping an eye on me.

Yep, starting to climb. Luckily, he didn’t get too far. I suspect it won’t be too terribly long before I walk in to find him (or one of them – or ALL of them) atop the couch.

“Excuse you, lady, I need my privacy.” (Gabrielle)

Henri ate some canned food over the weekend. He’s the only one I’ve actually seen eating, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only one who’s done it. You know how sneaky those kittens can be.

Henri, surfing.

Oh, that Luc.

So as mentioned Henri is eating off the plate – I spotted him doing it twice – which means that it’s entirely likely there are more kittens doing the same. Also, litter box training is going well – I did have tiny litter boxes under the desk near where the box they’ve been sleeping in is located, but unfortunately Margeaux and Katriane don’t know that they are way too big for those litter boxes, and were kicking litter all over the place and also peeing outside the box (not on purpose – they’re tiny boxes and the girls are smallish cats, but not THAT small). So I bought a storage container and cut a hole in the front that’s very low so that the kittens could easily get in and out AND the mamas could also fit in there. So what do the kittens do? 75% of the time they climb into the big litter boxes and use those. Yesterday morning I found zero pee outside the litter box. I expect a few accidents for the next little while, but I think they’re well on their way to being responsible litterbox-using kittens, and that’s always my favorite kind of kitten.


There goes Dewey, ruining another perfectly cute picture by being camera-shy.


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8-12-19 Monday — 10 Comments

  1. I really need to know if the kittens are as soft in real life as they appear to be in their photos. Like, really need to know.

  2. I so love updates, Phoenix and stardust look so big! And ambers just a love, isn’t she?

    • They aren’t that big…I think it is just the way they were sitting and didn’t have anything near them to give some scale to their size.

  3. I love updates. I can’t believe it has been two years. Where did you get those kitten litter-box steps? They look like exercise steps but seem too narrow in the photograph. I love checking out the cat-things you have in your room, almost as much as I love checking out the kittens.

    • They’re called spice rack steps, I got them (the green ones, anyway) at Amazon in a two-pack. They work perfectly for the kittens, who figure them out pretty quickly. I especially love that they have no-skid coating on the “steps.” 🙂

  4. Are Margeaux and Katriane friendly lap cats? They’re both so pretty (I’m a sucker for a tabby cat).

    • Katriane is actually a shoulder cat – if you’re sitting down, she’ll come sit in your lap to be petted, then flits off to race around and play. If you’re standing up, she’ll jump to your shoulder and sit there. Fred walked by the other day, and she jumped onto his back like – as he said – a back pack, and somehow managed to stick the landing without using her claws at all. She’s sweet and chatty and always wants to know what’s going on. Margeaux will stand or sit next to you forever and ever as long as you pet her. I’ve never once had her walk away from being petted. They’re both total sweethearts, just totally different, personality-wise.