7-10-20 Friday

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I love that cat-shaped mirror! Once again – how do you find this stuff??!!

Usually either a Facebook ad shows me something that I MUST HAVE and like a lemming I immediately go buy it, OR I get a thought in my head like “I think I need a cat-shaped mirror. How hard could it be to find one?” Turns out, it’s actually not easy. The one I have, I found on Amazon. It’s pretty cheap, but took forever to get to me (it came from China) and I don’t think you can tell from the picture, but there’s a sizable crack on the part where the front leg meets the body. On the other hand, it IS cute so was probably still worth the wait.


Bunny’s amazing EYEBROWS will have none of my shenanigans! This is the first time I’ve noticed them – is it just an optical illusion??

It’s mostly an optical illusion – the fur there is thinner, so while it looks like she’s got two white eyebrows, she’s really only got a sprinkling of white furs.


Asking for my own peace of mind – a friend of mine just lost her marvelous longhair black sweetheart of a kitty, and I’ve discovered a black smoke Maine coon who has a twitter account, so evidently it’s floofy housepanthers all over my online sphere. How’s Khal? All the fabulous longhair black cats of coolness got me wondering (translation: worrying, because yes, see above and a friend having to say goodbye to a cat) about Mr. Magnificence. Hopefully he’s well? Hopefully everybody is, feline and otherwise!

Yep, he’s perfectly fine – spends his days on the cat tree on the screened-in porch (with the occasional wander through the back yard), his evenings in my lap or Fred’s, and his nights on the screened-in porch watching the wildlife. He did go for a dental a couple of weeks ago, he had a few teeth removed, but his mouth is in good shape.

All the permanent residents are doing well. Newt had his yearly exam earlier this week, they ran a senior blood panel, and the vet said he’s in great shape for an old guy (he’s 14 now). He is moving a little more slowly these days, but we’re starting him on Cosequin and hopefully that’ll help. Fred and I are of the opinion that Newt’s going to be one of those cats who lives to be 20+.


Olivia asked about Natalia on Monday – I really only mentioned it once, back in June, but Natalia was returned because the family who adopted her had a 2 year old and a baby on the way, and Natalia made it pretty clear that small children are not her thing. She was at Petsmart for about a month, charming the volunteers, and Wednesday night she was adopted again! She is doing well in her new home, getting lots of attention and belly rubs, and pretty quickly put her new doggy sibling in his place. So that’s the news on Natalia!


Lola’s keeping an eye on me.

Bugs and Cutey really like this cat tree (well, all of them do.)

Clyde in the scratcher, Cutey in mid-chomp.

Little posers (and Bugs in the background!)

They’re discussing who that toy belongs to.

Bugs in the mouse cave. I swear, if I ever walked into the room and saw that cave sitting up the way it’s meant to, I would pass out from the shock.

They love the top of this scratcher, too.

I don’t know how anyone could resist that charming boy, but Bunny manages to!

Bugs uses the mirror to keep an eye on me.

Lola catches sight of a strange kitten…

“Who ARE you? Where did you COME from?”

“You look just like me!”

“You need something, lady?” Khal inquires.


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7-10-20 Friday — 5 Comments

  1. Today is the day when Margeaux´kittens were born. (2019 entry)

    Happy Birthday, Gabrielle, Fleur, Beauregard, Luc, Henri and Josephine!

  2. They really do look so wide-eyed innocent, don’t they?!!

    I never noticed Bunny’s eyebrows in that picture! Oh, that is a good shot, makes her look like a comic character!

  3. Oh, my, 2018 was quite a trial with the bathing routines. I’m glad you made it through that OK and so did all the babies!

  4. Yay, Khal! *sends pets to the fabulous shy guy of a lap lion* Sorry for the odd question, but… yeah, I got wondering/worrying. And I hope Newt does live to be 20+! Heck, I hope the current crowd all live that long, happy and healthy. Grandparent kitties FTW. 🙂

    Also yay, Natalia! All the love, including from the dog – I’m now picturing Natalia curled up with a puppydog. Maybe not… but it’s a cute image. Torties forever!